Catching up with IMOGEN

IMOGEN has had a busy 2023 and is not resting on her laurels, with the inaugural release on her Wigs label WIGS001, scheduled for release on 1st of December (both digitally and on vinyl), as well as boasting collaborations with DJ Stingray 313, Ben Pest, DJ Plant Texture and Jerome Hill over the last 12 months. Following the release of “A New Earth”, the first single from WIGS001 featuring DJ Stingray, we caught up with IMOGEN to talk about how the year has gone for her and her music, which included the release of the brilliant and eclectic Albert Road EP on Steel City Dance Discs and of course, her Wigs label…

“I want to try and give back to people or help people as much as I can because when I was younger, there really wasn’t that kind of information for me out there.”

You released the Albert Road EP early in the summer. How has that been received so far?

Really well! I think it was a nice crossover for me in terms of how I could get my sound to come across the most, trying to fuse electro, breaks, and techno. I think, to be honest, quite a lot of releases are missing the crossover at the moment, so overall it’s been received well.

How was it having Radioactive Man remix the track true-blue on the release?

He’s been one of my favourite producers, since getting into music, so it was really nice. I find his music is really emotional, it’s just really beautiful. For me, him remixing true-blue, he was a quite a big influence on that track, so it was really sick.

The EP was released on Steel City Dance Discs. How was it working with the label and will you work together again?

I’ve known Jordan for quite a while and I sent him music before but it wasn’t quite the right time. We all live in East London, so we’ll see each other about and I just sent him the EP, and he said he wanted to put it out. I don’t have any plans to work with them again right now, but I played their party. I think for me now, I’m starting my label Wigs, and the first release is coming out, so that’s my main focus now and next year. I don’t really know where I’d fit in other releases but it was definitely a really nice thing to do.

What have you got planned for Wigs going into next year?

There are definitely releases in the pipeline that are gonna be ready for next year. I just want to build it as well. I used to do production workshops and talks with Wigs and I really want to carry those on and build the community in that way. I’ll take on new artists from those because I think it’s a really nice way to meet people and build someone up, not just for big artists all the time. I’m gonna keep doing the parties, and then just kind get in the releases around it. I’m really looking forward to it because it was something that I was putting off ages. It’s actually been a really fun project. Obviously the vinyl cost and everything is a risk but it’s something I want to invest in. For me, it’s as exciting to have a party as it is have a label and I’m glad I did it as a party first into a label, because I feel like that really helped create the sound, if want to go with it.

Is it a challenge with running the label and putting on parties as well as DJing and producing music as well?

It is a lot of work! It would be really nice to just be able to sit here and write music all the time, but I also think I wouldn’t be as inspired if I just had the privilege to do that all the time. I’m lucky that I have amazing friends around me that work in music that always helped me and I can hopefully help someone else. That’s the thing with Wigs, I mentioned music production and want to try and give back to people or help people as much as I can because when I was younger, there really wasn’t that kind of information for me out there.

Going back to your music, how was it playing back to back with Helena Hauff on NTS radio earlier in the year?

Yeah, it was mad. I mean, for me, she’s the one person that I would always say she’s my favourite DJ. I was definitely quite nervous at the beginning, but it was actually really fun and really chill, it was just one of those really nice and natural things. I think we’re going to hopefully do some in clubs next year, so that’ll be really fun.

As someone who’s played everywhere from Berghain to Melt! festival, what sets have stood out for you since you started?

I really liked a festival in Germany called Stone Tech, which was really cool. It was really hot, but it was just a really good vibe. There were lots of people there but everyone was on the same level, and the whole day was well curated and on point. I really loved Tresor at the beginning of the year when I played there. The sound was really nice and the crowd is good.

Will TIP be bringing anything new out in the future?

The project is on the sidelines, and we haven’t really spoken about it in a while but I think there’s definitely a space for it in the market. Right now, I’m seeing lots of crossovers between between techno and grime and things like that. There’s definitely talks about potentially doing TIP and Wigs next year, and I think that will be good for us. It’s difficult being in a group and trying to navigate us all together, writing material and keeping it fresh. We’ve all just had different focuses this summer, but it’s definitely not done.

Is it exciting for you to to bring in the grime, as you mentioned, alongside the techno and electro is that something you want to explore more in the future?

Yeah, definitely. For me, if I’m feeling something, I’m feeling something. I always say about my music being different styles anyway, we just get a vibe going and then if it turns out to be jungle or techno or whatever, it’s cool.

What have been some of the career highlights for you so far and what would you still want to achieve in the future?

My main focus right now is my new label Wigs, which has its first release dropping in December – but it was still a really nice collaboration to do. I’ve had a massive shift in mindset this year. I find that I’ve really found my sound and overcome elements of imposter syndrome through creating music, nurturing my sound and curating my Wigs parties.

Check out the first single from IMOGEN’s WIGS001:

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