4. Various Artists – Possession EP 1

Possession is a Paris-based collective who have been hosting parties for over five years. Their huge success has led them to announce mammoth techno-oriented line-ups, as well as moving to bigger spaces to provide for more spectators. Now providing for over 3,000 dancers at each event, Possession always has huge queues outside and packed warehouses to make some of the biggest parties within the scene. They focus on providing a safe space for a queer crowd of all genders, religions, sexualities and skin colours. On top of this, Possession mix big names and upcoming artists, including the booking of more and more females, and with these names the platform has brought a whole new style to Paris including the likes of EBM, hardcore, acid and rave. Having made a name for themselves by fostering the new school techno sound led by residents Parfait, Anetha, VTSS, Shlomo, Hadone & Hector Oaks, Possession have now turned their attention to brand new records that will celebrate their fifth birthday. The first EP (Possession EP 1) features the likes of 999999999, Hector Oaks, Nene H and Pawlowski for an all slammer affair to kick things off. It’s hugely exciting times as there are still four EP’s to come which no doubt will be played in clubs around the globe.


A1. Hector Oaks – No Darkest Night Will Shut Our Light
A2. Nene H – No Pause For Reflection
B1. 999999999 – P05535510N
B2. Pawlowski – Demonic Dimensions

[Released: 25.09.20 on Possession]

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