Born in the late 90’s, Kamellia is a young emerging artist living in Norway. Having discovered techno music at the young age of fourteen, her very first electronic musical record was the renowned techno album “Plastikman” produced by Richie Hawtin. Whilst studying sound engineering in Kristiansand, Kameliia has also started producing some formidable records. Just a couple of months ago the Bulgarian dropped her debut four-track EP called IV on Overbalance. Best described as direct raving effectiveness, every single track combines her deep understanding of grooves and techno structure. The result is a unique, powerful and elegant sound which has already been supported by renowned figures such as Amotik and Setaoc Mass.

Hey Kameliia!

How are you?
I am very good!

What have you been getting up to recently?
Recently I have been working on music and running quite a lot.

What’s the first thing you’ll do post lockdown?
Travel of course and go to a proper rave in a small and sweaty club.

What do you do when you’re bored?
Usually I like to move so I take a lot of walks in the woods whenever I feel bored, tired or even uninspired!

Who’s the greatest DJ of all time?!

If you weren’t a DJ, what would you be?
Maybe a track and field coach, since I was a professional runner a few years ago!

Mood Wax – What do you listen to?

When I’m happy I listen to:
Partita No.2 in C Minor, BVW 826 : II Allemande since I really love classical music!

When I’m sad:
Skudge – Phantom. It has some melancholic vibes in there.

When I’m relaxing:
Into the Manasic Belt. It has some nice relaxing effectiveness over me!

When I’m in the car:
Monolake – Invisible. Sounds mystical and it makes me feel like I am going on an adventure!

When I’m exercising:
Unrivalled Basses. This track has a lot of power and is very groovy.

When I’m cooking:
Efdemin – At the Stranger’s House. I like to take my time when cooking, so this is the perfect track for me when I’m cooking.

When I’m pre-drinking:
The Advent – Scroll. It definitely makes me wanna dance and dance and dance!

When I’m at an afters:
Lawrence Kurt – Passage. Usually people are tired and want to go to sleep…but me at an afters is the opposite! I need straight, raw music just like this track!

Thanks Kameliia!

Check out Kameliia’s latest IV release:

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