Vixen is a Bulgarian-born Copenhagen-based DJ and producer and one of the fastest rising talents to sprout from the Danish capital’s vibrant underground techno scene. Since 2017 she has been gaining a huge amount of momentum both locally and internationally as a member of the renowned DIY collective Fast Forward. Her DJ style can be described as the high energy contact point between playful trance-inspired melodies, tongue-in-cheek vocals and floor-destroying industrial drums. In parallel, she is also continuously developing her sound as a producer with several releases already behind her.

Hey Vixen!

How are you?
Still hanging on, thanks for asking!

What have you been getting up to recently?
Pouring all my gig-less time and energy into my PhD and on the music front I’m wrapping up my first solo release – yay!

What’s the first thing you’ll do post lockdown?
Get a haircut and hug my mom.

What do you do when you’re bored?
Wow, I haven’t been properly bored in years! But some of my favourite procrastination activities include clicking “Add To Cart” and then closing the browser tab, as well as posting thirst traps on Insta stories.

Who’s the greatest DJ of all time?!
Me and my circle of really cute friends! I will fight anyone who tries to claim otherwise.

If you weren’t a DJ, what would you be?
Just a regular scientist.

Mood Wax – What do you listen to?

When I’m happy I listen to:
Had to think long and hard about this one but decided to go with a track that has been putting me in a good mood lately.

When I’m sad:
I have a sad girl playlist of only weird unsettling lo-fi indie pop, with the likes of Nicole Dollanganger, Grimes and Pixx.

When I’m relaxing:
Burial – Untrue. I don’t know if it’s cliché or whatever but I will absolutely never get sick of this album.

When I’m in the car:
I can’t drive and cars are scary BUTTT I do bike around everywhere – also after long nights out. My favourite thing is pushing the pedals at the brink of dawn with the chill morning air in my face and some pleasant trance in my ears.

When I’m exercising:
150+ BPM rave groove sets. Possession’s podcast series is always a solid choice.

When I’m cooking:
I always start with putting on Doja Cat – Juicy and then let the Youtube algorithm take the wheel.

When I’m pre-drinking:
I wait until everyone is done fighting over the aux cord and then shamelessly plug my latest mix (kind of what I’m doing right now)

When I’m at an afters:
I rarely make it to the afters since I value my sleep and sanity but I have this very cherished memory of an afters with some friends in Brighton where we ploughed deep through the highlights of UK garage.

Thanks Vixen!

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