Minimal Violence

Minimal Violence have built up a formidable reputation over the past few years for producing hardware-based techno that draws influence from a variety of sounds including industrial , trance, acid and raw ’90s dance music – originally comprising of Ash Luk and Lida P, Minimal Violence has recently shifted to Ash’s solo project. Releasing on the likes of Lobster Theremin, Technicolour and Jungle Gym Records, the Berlin-based project has cemented its name within the techno scene and garnered an undeniable reputation for ultimately filtering classic rave sounds through a contemporary lens.

Breaking out via the underground Vancouver scene, their debut album InDreams solidified them on the global live circuit and laid the foundations for the groups conceptual visual project, surrounding itself around the “near future” and playing with dystopian themes that we live with in the present. Last year the project landed on the esteemed Tresor imprint for a three-part EP series titled DESTROY —> [physical] REALITY [psychic] <— TRUST– releasing three records throughout 2021 containing a plethora of ravey hardware techno.

Continuing in style, Ash offers remix work for UK-legend Skream on his forthcoming Instakord release via IFEEL – out 9th July 2021. An immaculate two-track record, Skream opens up with a broody techno number packed with rolling synths, until Minimal Violence serves up high-octane affair containing breaks-inspired percussion and sharp kickdrums for all. Instakord is available to pre-order here.

Hey Minimal Violence!

How are you doing and what have you been getting up to recently?

I made it through winter and spring (which was second winter here) so I’m doing ok. Been running a lot which keeps me sane, and working on new music.

How have you found life in lockdown?

Weird…at some points great, picked up some new skills, other points it’s been painfully depressing and feels like it’s been going on forever. It’s too easy to get stuck in your own head.

Has lockdown been a blessing or a curse for music production?

Both I think, I have had an opportunity to explore a range of styles and approaches to production. The focus of the project has always been on live performance and the exchange of energy between ourselves and the dancers. To take that out of the equation has been difficult but has also forced me to focus energy in other areas, more attention to detail an taking the time to listen more introspectively to what I’m creating and where I am drawing influence from,

What music have you been digging recently and can you share a couple of tracks you’d like to play in your first set back?

Actually I have my first set this weekend and have been excitedly preparing.  I’ve been having a bit of personal nostalgia with 2000’s trance which I plan to incorporate in the set, possibly some Cascada. Also excited to play some favourites that I have not heard aloud for a long while, Mother Gaia by Anja and Ultrahigh’s Revenge of the Maya Gods to name a few. Discovered Tamerax during the lockdown and excited to finally have a chance to play some of their stuff out as well!

Can you tell us about some of your favourite clubs you like to play at and why?

Deep Blue in Vancouver is definitely my favourite. It definitely contributed that we had a space there so setting up gear literally meant moving it to the next room but aside from that the sound and vibe are the most spot on out of anywhere we’ve played. Everyone there also really cares about what they are doing and it has the feeling of a collective above a venue always. When touring our favourite spot is White Hotel in Manchester, sound is amazing, and the room is so good. Deceptively small but with the high roof it doesn’t ever feel claustrophobic. It still has the feeling of a DIY spot but with great sound.

Mood Wax – What do you listen to?

When I’m feeling good I listen to:
Distillers – Coral Fang. Every year as soon as summer hits this is what I turn to.

When I’m sad:

Cat Power – What Would The Community Think. An obvious pick but something familiar to return to whenever I need comfort, or just want to be swallowed by Chan Marshall’s haunting voice.

When I’m relaxing:

Christoph De Babalon – If You’re Into It I’m Out Of It. I feel like I will never get tired of this record, The spectral quality of the his music allows you to discover something new with each listen or just fall into a complete trance.

When I’m watching the sun rise:
Heartbreak trance anthems (maybe this is just a category I made up?) … Lasgo – Something, DJ Sammy – Heaven, Sylver – Turn the Tide, Robert Miles – Children … all the songs i would have put in a mixtape for my high school crush.

When I’m cooking:
Lebanon Hanover – The World Is Getting Colder. Not sure why but I tend to gravitate to this album when in the kitchen, also when cleaning the house.

When I’m at the beach:
Danny L Harle – Harlcore. Perfect summer of 2021 beach party music.

When I’m pre-drinking:
Led Er Est – Laredo. This track is guaranteed to get the bedroom dancing started.

When I’m at an afters:
In a perfect world its 9am, the sun in shining and Medio Mutante – Another Land comes on…

When I’m in the car:
Whatever the local Top 40 pop station is — I’m very committed to this.

Thanks Minimal Violence.

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