On The Rise: Biemsix

I pay attention to the emotional reaction of every individual that would listen to my music. This is my source of inspiration as a path to follow.

Italian born DJ and electronic producer Biemsix has recently been making a name for himself thanks to his passion and creative nous, underlined by the feeling of exploration in old and contemporary music. By immersing himself in his local scene from an early age, the youngstar started to attract a huge amount of interest as he progressed into a cleaner, more techno orientated sound influenced by the cultural aspects of the clubbing scene.

Over time, Biemsix became an influential figure in the Apulian music scene taking a residency at Mandarino Club. Through meeting fellow artists and figureheads, the Italian was able to drop his first EP Out From My Deep via SK BLACK Recordings in collaboration with Ukrainian techno pioneer Stanislav Tolkachev and subsequently joined the Dynamic Reflection team, releasing on their esteemed VA. More recently he has released on the likes of Enemy records and Ben Sims’ Symbolism imprint which includes his latest acclaimed LP Find Your Own Meaning.

Can you tell us a bit about your musical background and how you first got into techno?

Iʼve been always keen on music, I remember my brothers, usually, back in the 2000s, bringing home CDs with pop RʼnʼB, 80ʼs Hits, or EuroDance Electronica which I would also listen to. I fell in love with DJing and Production quite early as a teen. I moved to Berlin back in 2016 after some cool starting up years, making my first steps into production and DJing in South Italy, the country where Iʼm from, and kept things going from a new and different perspective.

To someone whoʼs just discovered you, how would you describe your sound and direction?

I would struggle a bit to give an actual description. In general, I pay attention to the emotional reaction of every individual that would listen to my music. This is my source of inspiration as a path to follow. I just like to understand what track they loved the most and eventually why. That is the real interesting part for me, their satisfaction.

Youʼve just released your debut album Find Your Own Meaning. Whatʼs the inspiration behind the record?

I like to see the tracks as sort of a point of start for new directions that my sound could take in the future.

If you had to pick a favourite track from the album, which would it be and why?

Next quest… Well, Itʼs very hard for me to pick one as a favourite, I’m still sorting out… 😉

Where do you see yourself this time next year? And do you have any ambitions in the coming years you can tell us about?

The ambition is to keep developing my sound and release more music left behind on my hard drive.

Quickfire Question: First…

First record you owned?

A gift from a DJ, good old friend from my hometown (thx Fighetto)

First club night / festival you attended?

Clorophilla Club (Taranto, South Italy).

First record shop you visited?

2008, Mix Market di Michele Lamparelli (Bari, South Italy). But as a young producer, I went there mostly to test the headphones from Sennheiser, the HD25, which I couldn’t afford.

First instrument you owned?

An 80s POLYPHONIC KEYBOARD PK88 Bontempi from my brother.

First song that pops into your head right now?

AceMo – Million Dimes

First night you played at?

In 2009, a friendʼs Birthday.

First DJ you fell in love with?

Jeff Mills.

First time you felt starstruck?

What do you mean?

First track you ever produced?

Sort of an experimental remix for a Black Eyed Peasʼs song which also I never published.

First night attended as a punter post-lockdown?

I recently went with my girlfriend to a party named GAEX hosting Ben Klock and other interesting artists, here in Berlin at Deus Temple. Dope night, as you might expect. I was also happy to hear from Juan Montero (DJ and curator of the party) that he played some of the album tunes during his opening set. Even Ben Klock dropping “Whisper”, from the Enemy Release from last December, contributed to make it an overwhelming night for me.

“Find Your Own Meaning ” is available to listen and purchase on Bandcamp.

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