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“People and authorities told me and millions of others how to live and what we should aim for in life. Seeing them, I understand that I was right, when I said ‘no’ to the commonly accepted structure of norms and rules. So “Misconduct” was born out of this feeling of protesting against these norms.

Omon Breaker is a Kyiv-based, emerging producer, DJ and promoter aiming to manifest himself within the new generation of Ukranian techno producers. The Dnipro-born musician combines EBM, oldschool trance and hard techno in his works, searching for impactful modern layers. Having had a classical music education, his compositions are dominantly intuitive – emotional abstractions of his surroundings.

Having moved to Kyiv in 2017 and currently living in Obolon, one of Kyiv’s problematic districts, Omon Breaker started off DJing only in 2019. He runs two parties at acclaimed Otel Club and was resident at Kyiv’s first LGBTQI+ friendly club Crest until its closure. Heavily influenced by The Prodigy, Rammstein or Juno Reactor, his sets span a wide range of hard-hitting and intense musical references to his very own turbulent past.

For his most recent release, the young artist joins forces with Berlin-based Mala Junta resident D.Dan for Standard Deviation’s vinyl series. The Split format is a musical dialogue between two worlds, backgrounds and histories, referencing stylistic roots of electronic music history and production. With Mala Junta resident and Seattle raised D.Dan on the A-Side and Kyiv based, Dnipro- born Omon Breaker on the B-side, the record aims to reflect on both their musical journeys, spanning D.Dan’s high-energy Trance and groovy summer Techno towards the EBM and 90’s style influenced works of Omon Breaker. You can catch it on Bandcamp.

Can you tell us a bit about your musical background and how you first got into music?

Hi, I’m Max. I was born in Dnipro city, a small town with no distinct electronic music scene. In general, young people are trying to leave Dnipro for the capital (Kyiv) or other countries, because the city is specifically problematic in terms of crime and a lack of perspective. You have to choose either of these three options: You leave permanently in search of a better life, you stay and face financial problems due to a lack of perspectives or you become involved with criminal activities. I decided to leave and moved to Kyiv.

I have had a love for music since my early childhood. When I was young, my parents sent me to have a classical music education in  violin classes. Looking back,  I am super grateful for that.

With 10 years, I got an MP3 player from my mother. My favorites back then were The Prodigy and Juno Reactor. From that moment I fell in love with electronic music and upon arrival in Kiev I visited my first Techno party. It was there that I realized that I want to become a part of this emerging electronic music culture in Ukraine.

To someone whoʼs just discovered you, how would you describe your sound and direction?

I would describe my sound as wild, just trusting my intuition really. With my music, I want to show to all young musicians that it’s unnecessary to possess deep theoretical knowledge in order to create music in modern times. All you have to do is follow an idea.

What’s the electronic music scene like in Kyiv and how does it compare to other cities that you have played in such as Berlin?

At the moment, Kyiv is at a very important point in its development. Many artists do not hesitate to create something new, but I noticed that the Kyiv scene is more composed of lyrics, dramaturgy and emotions. There’s still a more tactile approach in making music. Due to the fact that we don’t have that many musicians in general, new names can find their audience more easily than in cities like Berlin. I consider Koloah aka Voin Oruwu to be good representatives of Kyiv’s style. He combines groove and melodic parts. This is what the Kyiv wave is about now. Kyiv’s musicians are dreamers.

You are about to drop a huge EP with D.Dan on Standard Deviation. Can you explain how this came about and how you would describe the record?

When I showed my works to Standard Deviation, they got interested in them, but the tracks sounded raw. So we sat together and I worked with them on the mixing and structure of the tracks. We liked how it turned out, and moved on to the search for an artist on the split side. It was quite a difficult process, because the artist had to fit and be different at the same time.

In the end, one of my most respected and beloved DJs, D.Dan, turned out to be on the record with me. I still can’t believe that I am releasing my first record with such an amazing artist, but I have to admit, I really like the way our tracks harmonize with each other.

Featuring two fabulous tracks “Misconduct” and “After Coma” – can you explain the inspiration behind them, especially “Misconduct”?

“Misconduct” was written with protest. Creating the composition, I didn’t focus on rules, or instruments I had to use, or how long it would be. The only mission of this track was to evoke emotions.

“Misconduct” emerged from my experience of living in Kyiv’s problematic neighbourhoods, such as Obolon, where I currently live. Every day, I see how people dedicate their lives to a system and always try to raise their children with the same ideals, as some sort of a never ending cycle. People and authorities told me and millions of others how we have to live and what we should aim for in life. Seeing them, I understand that I was right, when I said ‘no’ to the commonly accepted structure of norms and rules. So “Misconduct” was born out of this feeling of protesting against these norms.

As for “After Coma”, the track is dedicated to my mom. Last year she had serious health conditions that I was not aware of. Later, she told me that she had overcome a very serious illness. I could not restrain my emotions and put them in this track.

If you had to pick a favourite track which would it be and why?

When it comes to my own productions, I would choose After Coma because every time I hear it I get a feeling of confidence in my future. And if it’s about my favorite song, then most likely I would say Rammstein – Alter Mann. I really emphasize with the meaning of the text part, the rhythm and melodies. For me, this is the perfect composition. The song gives a full spectrum of emotions and deep feelings.

What advice would you give aspiring producers first starting out?

Do it. Don’t listen to those who say “you can’t do it.” It’s hard for people to acknowledge deviations from the normed structures around us and feel comfortable about it. Our system wants you to believe that your path is wrong just because it differs. Every time somebody tells you to give up – clench your fists and get to work.

Where do you see yourself this time next year?

I don’t like to guess. I have some goals, but it is too early to communicate them!

Quickfire Question: Who…

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Till Lindemann.

Who would you most like to see live?

The Prodigy.

Who inspires you the most?

My mother and my partner.

Who has the best discography?


Who has taught you the most?

S.A. Tweeman.

“Standard Deviation ” is available to listen and purchase on Bandcamp.

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