Flug – Just You [Avoidant Records]

Flug, as his name suggests, allows his audience to take a trip back to their roots, back to their inner self and what it is to really feel techno. Renowned not only for his devastating yet uplifting DJ sets containing serious kick drums, use of hi-hats and reverberating basslines, but also through driving his own organically produced techno with an EP released on Chris Liebing imprint CLR – ‘Sincrodestino’, remixes for SOMA – Slam Reverse Proceed Remixes, his recent releases on Jam, Sam Paganini’s label and Spanish best seller label Suara to name a few.

After the impact of last year’s huge Defend Your Planet VA, Soma Records electro sub-label Avoidant Records immediately set about recruiting another incredible group of artists that represent the Glasgow based label’s output. Dark Planet brings together established, classic and up and coming producers who take their cues from the Detroit and European schools of electro. Gathered from across the planet – from Australia, Holland, the USA and UK – the compilation sound is geared up for the dancefloor. For the Dance Wax premiere we have selected Flug’s exhilarating offering “Just You” which contains old school vibes with an emotive twist.

‘Dark Planet’ is set to drop November 22nd on Avoidant Records.

1. Three Faces Of Eve – Wish You’d Leave

2. DJ Godfather – It’s Only Detroit
3. Steve Allman – Next Level
4. Versalife – Shift Levels
5. Helsmoortel – Violence
6. Flug – Just You
7. Assembler Code – Architects
8. Blaktony – Produkt
9. The Exaltics – One Direct Line
10. VRIL – Orgon
11. Lord Of The Isles – Approach & Identify
12. PARAND – Archangel
13. 88756 – Fine Dining Experience
14. Co-Accused – Abduction
15. Monk – Simulation Theory
16. Darkmode – Dr Bloodmoney

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