Listen to a playlist of opening and closing tracks curated by Lokier

Hailed as one of the most exciting emerging talents to come out of Mexico, Lokier has already demonstrated her deep talent for selecting and producing a plethora of groovy, yet industrial rave techno with a blend of trance. The diversity in style serves up an array of dramatic soundtracks for any international dance floor – combining banging beats, weirdo synth and power electronics for all to enjoy.

While heading the gamut of Berlin’s underground from off-location raves to Berghain, Tresor and Griessmuehle, Lokier has been able to establish a name for herself across the globe, demanding regular sets in the likes of Robert Johnson, New York’s Good Room, Amsteram’s Reaktor parties, Rex Club in Paris and the esteemed Faust over in Seoul. Whilst covering North/ South America, Europe and Asia, the Mexican superstar also created LightStrike – an imprint characterised by thundering industrial kicks paired with rave state and dark vocals, creating an intense rave atmosphere.

In terms of releases, Lokier prepares to unleash her highly anticipated, debut three-tracker entitled Back To Life on Amelie Lens’ very own Lenske label. Showcasing her innate ability to fuse the worlds of industrial, rave, techno and trance, this particular record is not one to miss. The EP drops on November 26th.

In the build up to her new release, and with events well and truly back on track (in some countries more than others), Lokier curates a playlist containing a selection of tracks that she has used to either open or close her sets. Tune in below to hear the likes of Boris Barksdale, Krl Mx, Alt8 and Kozlov.

Lokier explains:

“For this playlist I wanted to choose some tracks that I’ve used to either open my sets or close them. I think the majority of DJs put a lot of time and effort in selecting those tracks that are basically the ones that set up the mood for the set. It’s also interesting how people ask for these track ID’s the most. Probably because these moments are some of the most memorable. I usually either go for a more dark, melodic/nostalgic vibe or a more intense hard and fun vibe, but I always try to make it more melodic, because that’s what I’ve always been into.”

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