Listen to a playlist of timeless techno/ electronic tracks curated by Keith Carnal

Keith Carnal is one of the most respected techno artists on the international circuit. For the last decade, the esteemed artist has been cataloguing tasteful records and featuring on some of the finest labels to date including the likes of ARTS and BPitch. With a strong emphasis on melodies and groove, Keith Carnal has paved the way over the years for a certain genre of techno – one with a rather ominous feel but certain melancholy to it. His own productions very much go hand in hand with the selections he makes as a DJ, with his sets focussing on the tempo and groove, whilst classic productions are mixed confidently with more current ones – releasing regularly on his very own Second Degree imprint launched back in 2018.

Following the labels fifth instalment earlier this year, Carnal returns to round the year off on home turf as he drops a high-octane, four-track EP containing some of his slickest productions to date. Combining a number of undeniable grooves and infectious vocals, SEC006 is out now and available to listen here.

In light of his recent record, Keith Carnal curates a playlist containing a selection of timeless techno/ electronic music he listens to on Spotify. Tune in below to hear the likes of EQD, Ignacio, Nathan Fake, James Ruskin and more…

Keith explains:

As for the playlist, it’s timeless techno/electronic music that I actually listen to on Spotify. In other words: those are actually in my playlist. These tracks have helped to shape my way of production and my love for Techno. They all have a distinct hook in the tracks (hence they’re timeless I reckon), and all of them are fresh and stand out from other sounds at the time they were released (and certainly compared to current times). Some are minimal, some more melodic and some emphasise on groove. But they all stand out, in any tracklist!

“Most tracks I heard for the first time in raves. Like ‘Hale Bopp’, which I heard in Tresor for the first time and instantly fell in love. ‘Marauder’ I heard on Awakenings indoors many years ago (can’t remember the DJ.. :D). And most of them I found through digging for records (most of the time, physical digging). The thing they all have in common is that I can’t stop listening to them, which isn’t the case (sorry to say) with most techno tracks. Seeing as they’re made for the dance floor, rather than just listening to them. So a big thanks to all the producers for making those tracks, I’m still supporting them every week!

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