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“The scene in Poland is not as big as in Germany or the UK, but people know what’s up. I like the enthusiasm in Poland, people have this energy and joy.

Karol Mozgawa, aka Deas, is a Greek-born, Polish-based techno artist who is fast becoming one of techno’s most exciting breakthrough artists originating from Eastern Europe. Combining his unquestionable enthusiasm for the genre with unique ideas, Deas creates a captivating blend of techno which is balanced and pure – leaving the listener wanting more at all times. Deas believes that music “is never a subject of stereotypes or clichés“, allowing him to think freely and constantly produce music with no boundaries or pressure.

In terms of production, Deas has already released a slew of high-quality records alongside a number of esteemed labels ranging from Dynamic Reflections and Planet Rhythm to Materia and Quartz – widely acknowledged as high-octane affairs with a professional touch. As well as consistent support from the likes of techno stalwarts Len Faki, Marcel Dettmann, Marcel Fengler and Alex. Do, the Polish-based youngstar also boasts two residences in Polish venues Smolna and Tama. Having first become aware of Deas from his formidable five-tracker on Second State Audio back in 2018, it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to catch up with the young maestro in wake of his forthcoming release on Chris Liebing’s label CLR. It will be available to listen and purchase on Beatport.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you first got into music?

As a teenager I was really into music. When I was working out I had a lot of mp3’s with “club music”, but it wasn’t techno or house, it was more discoteque music. Then I remember, I stopped listening to it and at the same time I remember I began to adore Portishead and Massive Attack. It was a game changer for me. I listened to this specific music all day long and I wasn’t really interested in the electronic music as I once was. When I was in high school I accidentally went to a real underground club for the first time and felt ‘this is my thing’!

To someone whoʼs just discovered you, how would you describe your sound and direction?

Well, it’s techno. I know that today this word is sometimes a bit overused but I really can’t describe it better.

Based in Poland, what’s the techno scene like and how does it compare to other cities you’ve played in/ visited?

The scene in Poland is not as big as in Germany or the UK, but people know what’s up. I like the enthusiasm in Poland, people have this energy and joy. You can find really good clubs here as well as festivals and hall events such as: Audioriver, Undercity, Wisloujscie, Open’er, Nowa Muzyka, Mayday and many more, as well many smaller events. The Polish scene is not as well known as Germany’s or The Netherland’s, you know… Not often but still sometimes when someone asks me where I live, the next question is “Oh, there’s something happening there?”. Which is a bit funny as the country is not that small and yes, indeed, ‘something’ is happening here!

Can you tell us more about your forthcoming release Command EP on CLR and how your relationship with label boss Chris Liebing came about?

Firstly I saw my tracks in Chris’ playlists. I knew that he played a lot of my songs but it wasn’t possible for me to send him music as CLR was closed for submissions and then came lockdown, so I had lots of free time. I remember I joined Clubhouse and I saw that Chris was a guest in one of the rooms there. I joined the room, Chris recognized me and I asked him about CLR. He said that he wants to open the label again and asked me to “send any demos”. Since that we’ve been in contact with each other.

If you had to pick a favourite track from the EP, which would it be and why?

I like all of them, each track is a totally different mood.

For any aspiring producers out there, can you give us three bits of advice you would tell your younger self if you could?

Hmm.. just be patient as everything takes time. Try to find your own way into the music you want to create and be creative.

What are your plans for 2022 and information you can share with us?!

Of course the upcoming EP on CLR, then a vinyl / digital EP on A R T S and two upcoming releases on my small label BAU MUZIK. First is a vinyl compilation with friends of mine NESS, Kasie, Michel Lauriola plus one track from me, and then my own vinyl/digital 4 tracks EP. Hopefully I will be able to play all my postponed and cancelled gigs too!

Quickfire Question: Last…

Last track you listened to?

Today when I was going out to the studio I was listening to “Tensal – Lux Rhapsody”. Love this melody in the second part of the track.

Last meal you ate?


Last club night attended as a punter?


Last set you listened to the whole way through?

From cover to cover ? Ahh frankly speaking I don’t remember.

Last time you laughed and why?

Today when I was watching “Don’t Look Up”.

Last song that made you cry (or nearly cry)

I don’t remember!

Last record shop you visited?

Hardwax and today virtually visited deejay.de.

Last film you watched?

“Don’t Look Up”

Last item you bought?

Filter unit to my modular system.

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