Listen to a playlist of tracks focussing on the listening experience outside of dance functionality curated by Valerie Ace

When discussing the most exciting, emerging techno artists in the scene right now, Valerie Ace crashes in amongst the very top. Having grown up in Germany surrounded by music, from playing the guitar to being in an experimental rock band, Ace swiftly fell in love with electronic dance music and now boasts her recent debut EP on SPFDJ’s esteemed label Intrepid Skin. Drawing inspiration from lived experiences of today’s dance floor politics; displays of hatred and macho violence, micro-aggressive power struggles and trips gone wrong, blended with feeling of euphoria, Ace creates colourful sounds that can be labelled as both cute and hardcore. For her Glitzer Vs Hass EP, this is no different. Across four unrelenting tracks, Ace effortlessly blends her raw energy with intricate production skills to serve up the likes of peak-time techno bullet “Glucose Guardian” and acidic amalgamation rocket “Sweaty Syrup” – a record wrapped in formidable groove goodness.

Continuing to break down barriers, Ace is one to keep an eye on and in light of her recent record has curated a playlist containing some off her favourite tracks away from peak-time bangers. Tune in below to hear a selection of music from the likes of Krokodil, E-Saggila, Jannah Quill and more…

Valerie Ace explains:

“This playlist features my favorite tracks that are not your average 4-to-the-floor peak-time banger: Despite the trend towards increasingly faster techno that chases hardness for hardness’ sake, I wanted to emphasize the actual listening experience outside of grooves & dance functionality. These tracks stood out to me for their unique ideas and atmospheres that do their magic on headphones just as much as they do on the dance floor.”

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