Five things that inspired Trudge’s new album ‘No More Motivation’

For over five years French DJ and producer Trudge, real name Alexandre Corchia, has been delivering some of the most diverse electronic music via a slew of renowned international record labels. Regarded as one of the front-runners in the European electronic music scene, Trudge seamlessly mixes a range atmospherical and melancholic melodies — tying in a plethora of influences such as breakbeat and jungle — in order to create his nuanced sounds. As the years have passed it is fair to say Alexandre has successfully developed and honed his output, producing raw and uncompromising music with plenty of soul. On hearing the lighter, mesmerising sounds of “When The Rain”, comparing it to the more club-heavy kicks of 2019’s “страсть”, it is clear to any listeners that Trudge has a track for any occasion. These records are effectively brought to live within his captivating live sets, which take place at some of the most notorious clubbing spaces around.

Adding to his already extensive catalogue, Alexandre delivers perhaps his finest long-form project to date entitled No More Motivation, releasing via one of the UK’s finest imprints in Lobster Theremin. Following last year’s blistering debut LT release Self Love Club, the French producer serves up a genre-bending and original masterpiece, pointing to the artist’s tumultuous relationship of music; plagued by life events and the looming shadow of tragedy. From the laden house sounds within his earlier work to the hard-hitting techno unleashed in more recent times, both Trudge’s personal and artistic evolution runs parallel within this eleven-track project. Releasing March 18th via Lobster Theremin and available to pre-order here, we caught up with Trudge about his five inspirations behind his brand new album.


“When I was a school kid there were basically two groups of people. Those who listened to rap / hip-hop and those who listened to rock / metal. I was part of this second category and metal forged in me this indestructible melancholy throughout my adolescence which was the period where I built myself emotionally.”

“Honestly today I don’t see myself listening to only one of these two styles because I also love rap and hip-hop! But my heart still belongs to metal, which for me is very different in terms of melodies, voices and instruments. That’s probably why I can’t stop myself from putting melodies and trying to transmit strong and striking emotions in my tracks beyond creating dance music.”


“This is not very original because many are inspired by travels (not to say everyone). But it’s real. Getting out of our routine to discover new things is really good and allows us to have a new vision of our projects. Sometimes I didn’t want to leave because I am, by nature, very homey and introverted. But once I’m there, I forget absolutely everything to enjoy all these new things to observe and discover. To come back feeling like a new person. The most striking example that happened to me was when I discovered the city of Bangkok which is so different from where I live and so contrasted in its landscapes. I got lost many times and I never regretted it because I learned and discovered so much.”

Live Sets

“As said above I have always been a very introverted person with difficulties opening up to others. When I was booked for the first time to play my music in front of a public, I was terrified. But once the first melodies were played, everything was over. There was only the music, the crowd and me. This feeling is incredible. It’s even more incredible during a live performance because you and only you control the music. Then these shows bring a lot of things to the side. Like meeting new people, new countries never visited before, quick trips but full of memories. And being the center of attention for an hour is good for the ego. And for a person like me it was definitely life changing.”

Art, Visuals And Exhibitions

“Art is an endless source of knowledge and inspiration. I have always been attracted to art and museums since I was a child. Going to a gallery and spending time interpreting what the artist wanted to illustrate. I find it fascinating. I’ve been lost in thought many times sitting in front of a huge Renaissance painting trying to figure out every detail. I always went home with a head full of new ideas and inspirations that were sometimes completely different from the exhibitions I visited. But art really feeds the brain in a good way and I think everyone should use it.”

Love And Loss

“They are both events that I would like to get out of my head, but sometimes they are quite inspiring to me. When you wake up the day after a life-changing event and you don’t want to do anything else but stay in your bed and wait for time to pass. Then a few days go by and that motivation to produce something out of that distress suddenly comes. And what comes out of it expresses very raw and almost innocent feelings.”

‘No More Motivation’ is releasing March 18th via Lobster Theremin and is available to pre-order here.

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