Sigvard – Nightlife Miracles [MATERIA]

Sigvard is the moniker of Tom Hades, launched in the late 90’s with driving techno, containing elements of percussion and very precise resampled material. Evolving over the years, the esteemed artist was able to spend a large amount of time in the studio over the pandemic gaining his old love back for using external gear and the simple, yet effective production style using different layers from different gear. In fact, Sigvard was born as a fusion between pulsing rhythm and sharp dissonant synths, producing detailed tracks, full of organic and human changes, going from pure direct techno to very complex IDM tracks through ambient soundscapes.

For his latest output The Flowers Hundred, an ever evolving style is nurtured through expressive use of hardware, complex structures and a focused energy. Released on Marco Bailey’s eclectic MATERIA imprint which continues to be a worldwide summit for cutting edge techno producers, Sigvard delivers club-ready, experimental dance music that is uncovered across fifteen delicately crafted tracks with soundscapes of ambient and noise glowering above. The foundation of all tracks is married with an artists desire to create, combine and discover — most notable in today’s premiere “Nightlife Miracles”.

Listen to the premiere of “Nightlife Miracles” below.

‘The Flowers Hundred’ releases July 1st

1. Ragged Composition
2. Bewildered
3. Reasons Beyond the Atmosphere
4. Rendezvous
5. Nightlife Miracles
6. The Implied Stars
7. Judgement from an Idiot
8. Man of a Good Heart
9. Attitudes
10. Snipers Thoughts
11. Kind Of Nothing
12. The Dreamer Thinks
13. The Flowers Hundred
14. Bonds Have Respect
15. Preaching Eyes

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