Wallis – If I Leave Tomorrow [Jell]

Esteemed DJ and producer Wallis returns to the soundsphere with another EP entitled Trust No One, marking the official launch of her brand new label Jell. Within the new release, Wallis showcases an emotional and personal story with a slew of cinematographic ideas and unique sound design throughout. An industrial-leaning record, Wallis also demonstrates her musical construction alongside new aspects of her music — telling the story of her artistic and intimate evolution over the past few years.

Upon every listen something new will appear within the music, whether vocals, sampling or percussive elements. One example within the record, and today’s premiere is “If I Leave Tomorrow” — a hard-hitting soundtrack pointing at exciting situations that simply do not serve us. With so much more to come, Wallis continues to push the boundaries of techno and we cannot wait to see where she get’s to.

Listen to the premiere of “If I Leave Tomorrow” below.

‘Trust No One EP’ releases July 8th and can be purchased here.

1. You Will Wish You Were Never Born
2. Let’s Be Clear I Trust No One
3. If I leave Tomorrow
4. Martyr Du Temps

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