The Best Tracks of 2022

The year of resurrection. To some extent 2022 has proven to a year of stability for the music industry. Although not quite firing at a full 100%, releases have come thick and fast — from hard-hitting cuts to more melodic house edits, the electronic scene has been as strong as ever. In no particular order, below are some tracks that Dance Wax leaned on throughout the year.

Subb-an Ft. Oli Gosh – State of Flow (Adam Pits Remix)

Leeds native Adam Pits’ spin on Subb-an ft. Oli Gosh’s ‘State of Flow’ comes out on top for me. It’s an urban, menacing track that makes the perfect set opener. With a dark bassline, ghostly vocal chop and subby climaxes, it’s bound to get people primed for a big night ahead. Luca Rizzello

Overmono – Gunk

Overmono have blended techno, dumn n bass and UK garage into their own hybrid sound over the years. They’ve continued to hone in on this clean-cut UK sound, and taken it a step further since the success of ‘So U Know’ last year. Gunk, released on the EP ‘Cash Romantic’ in April is where Overmono hit the sweet spot. Hypnotic vocals play along a lo-fi house beat, and the energy builds throughout the track, even in the breakdown. Fueled by nostalgia and emotion, Overmono created showed another side of their production with Gunk. Joe Hale

Julian Muller – What You Came For

Julian Muller continues to deliver production after production since exploding onto the techno scene. What You Came For, arguably the stand-out of a thumping four-track EP combines a thunderous kick with the entrancing vocals of CAIVA to produce one of Dance Wax’s tracks of the year.

It is a driving weapon for the dance floor with streaks of MRD’s Superwoman from 2020. No wonder then that Julian and MRD have joined forces in production and on the decks to tear up clubs across Europe, with the most recent edition at Tech Couture’s closing party of the year at FOLD. Elliot Peters

Rroxymore – I Wanted More

Rroxymore’s I Wanted More EP proved to be a standout record in 2022. Released via Will Sual’s Aus Music imprint, title track “I Wanted More” led the way, incorporating snapping beats with melodic flourishes for a warming yet mesmerising track primed for summer adventures. Rroxymore has been leading the way for years thanks to her contrasting textures and organic sounds – heightened within her live sets. Ross Hook

Ashanti x Luny Tunes – ONLY U CAN MAKE ME RAKATA (Prestige Pak Edit)

2022 was the year of the edit truly and though I’ve been torn between this and a few other rave-ready belters and Vengaboys edits, this scorcher took the crown. It’s my fave track of Prestige Pak’s most recent Edits Pak, which we’ve waited three years for! Ashanti’s sensual vocals prove a perfect match for the dembow rhythm (also having a big 2022), coupla sirens for good measure and there you have it – a super sexy heater for the club! Bonus points to Prestige Pak for donating the money raised to Albrighton Community Fridge, Camberwell. Genevieve Taylor

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