The Lady Machine

Born in Rio, Camila, aka The Lady Machine, has been DJing since the early 2000’s, making a name for herself across the globe. A major influence amongst the Brazilian techno scene, The Lady Machine has gained a reputation for her deep music selections and mixing skills which incorporates an old school Roland TR-707 in the booth. Now one of the most respected women within the Berlin scene, The Lady Machine has racked up some fine releases and recorded many fantastic sets which have been increasingly recognised by stalwarts of the techno scene such as Ben Klock. 

As a teenager, The Lady Machine immersed herself in techno as much she could. Considering the techno scene in Brazil was relatively new, she attended multiple electronic parties called Love Galaktika and began to discover electronic music through radio shows such as Novas Tendencias. Initially attracted by the music, The Lady Machine also enjoyed attending club nights in order to surround herself with like minded people who shared the same passion. Resultantly, she became interested in mixing, so much so that she landed her first gig when she was just 21. In fact, this was at a very famous nightclub in Brazil called Bunker 94, which is renowned for booking the very best electronic music DJ’s in South America. This gave The Lady Machine a huge amount of encouragement and pride, driving her to complete a music production diploma in the UK and then a move to Berlin followed. Over time, The Lady Machine began to produce music, which refined her unique soundtrack whilst always sticking true to core techno sounds. Over the past two years, she has cemented her name in the Berlin community playing at some of the best events in the city and becoming a regular at the highly-rated event Pornceptual. 

Perhaps most importantly, the exciting Brazilian artist has established her very own record label with Decka called Unterwegs. Whilst charting some of the very best techno talents within the scene, the duo also use it as a platform to showcase some of their stunning productions. For just their second release, Cami released a four-track EP with a hugely exciting Brazilian prospect who goes by the name of Amanda Mussi. Together, they have created a fast paced record with energetic and 90s inspired techno which would suit any dance floor. Look out for more productions in the coming months…

1. Decka – Elimination Techniques

“I have been playing this all over the last six months! Been a big fan of Decka’s production for many years now and this record IMHO is his best so far, where he nails down his unique style with three tracks, all of them a very distinctive style that work very cohesively. And on the plus side, a superb broken remix from Russian producer Philip Gorbachev!”

Decka possesses a soundtrack that journeys through barebones techno and bass, creating hypnotic polyrhythmic patterns that suit the big room industrial sounds of Berlin but also wouldn’t go amiss in the sub-low pressure venues around his hometown of Bristol. Decka shares a high quality label with The Lady Machine called Unterwegs, and for their most recent release, Decka has brandished a flamboyant four track EP under the name of Elimination Techniques. To kick it all off, Balancing Act provides undulating toughness through beastly drums and shimmering bass growls, before Self Evasiveness offers revolving synths and energizing grooves that you never want to stop. The flip side showcases a peak-time cut in the form of the namesake song, followed by a classy remix from Philip Gorbachev. Expect throbbing bleeps and growling synthesisers. Ouch.

A1. Balancing Act
A2. Self Evasiveness
B1. Elimination Techniques 
B2. Elimination Techniques (Gorbachev Remix)

[Released: 27.06.20 on Unterwegs]

2. Stanislav Tolkachev – There Is No Cure

“Stanislav always delivers intricate music and this time on Token it could not be any different. This EP is beautiful! Always on point with detailed sound designing, I think Stanislav is one of the most prolific producers out there. If you haven’t, please check this out, and Token is one of my favourite labels ever!”

Stanislav Tolkachev is a techno pioneer hailing from Ukraine. His productions tend to be influenced by the classic sound of Detroit and the sleek minimalistic tendencies born in Berlin. Toklachev mainly focuses on experimentation with textures and psychedelic sounds, taking inspiration from many diverse sources. So far, his music has received a huge amount of support and releases have come on many established labels such as M_Rec, Modularz and Geophone. Often lauded as one of the shining lights of the techno movement, Tolkachev has recently debuted on Token with his five-track EP called There Is No Cure. Demonstrating his unique take on contemporary techno, the Ukranian highlights his infamously idiosyncratic style and displays his ability as an artist to draw in disparate moods whilst maintaining a powerful sense of cohesion. The EP is crisp and playful, communicating a palpable sense of hope whilst incorporating a kind of brutish darkness that results in a deeply moving piece of music that ties up a fantastic first offering for Token.

A1. Two Treats Right Now
A2. Whole Life Order
B1. Delayed Gratification
B2. There Is No Cure

+ more…
[Released: 24.07.20 on Token]

3. Stef Mendesidis – Memorex EP

“Loving this new Stef Mendesidis record. Super strong and pumping, jacking tracks ready for the dance floor. I think Stef has a very interesting style sonically speaking, raw and warm sound that I am really keen on and matches my own style and taste. I really dig this record and will be playing it whenever I can!”

Born in USSR and being Greek orientated, Stef Mendesidis spent many years of his youth in Thessaloniki where he became fascinated by the early-days of techno sounds at local raves. In sound production, Mendesidis uses a technique of one-take recording, staying loyal to the principle of live techno creation. He possesses a true synesthetic approach transforming his inner feelings which shakes dance floors of the most significant techno clubs. His shows are a pure reflection of straight-forward outbreaks and never ending dynamics that provide a genuine one-of-a-kind experience for passionate ravers. In terms of production, he has already released on some of the most influential techno labels to date, including the likes of Klockworks and Projects. This time, it is the turn of Clergy. For his most recent release, Mendesidis has delivered a full-throttle four-track EP called Memorex, containing a range of slamming cuts. Critical Ratio is a warehouse friendly stomper, whilst Chroma showcases a lo-fi groove immersed in female vocal samples. The flip side bears witness to more kickdrums and claps which are quintessential Mendesidis. Check it out.

A1. Critical Ratio
A2. Interlynx
B1. Memorex
B2. Chroma

[Released: 21.08.20 on Clergy]

4. Setaoc Mass – Neo Noir EP

“This one came out very recently and it’s already on my playlist! Sam’s tracks are very effective on the dance floor and in this double LP there are quite a few I can see myself playing. If you are into big boomy techno sounds, this one is definitely not to be missed. Excellent!”

Setaoc Mass is part of a select cut of young artists who are absorbing techno’s legacy and carrying it into tomorrow. Whilst overseeing his own imprint SK_eleven, his records push a galvanising brand of techno, stepped in a sense of urgency, ever propulsive with acute detailing and nods to a futuristic space age. In addition to this, a debut release on Len Faki’s Figure caught the eye of some of the scenes most respected producers. As a selector, the Mancunian’s extended DJ sets pull from an expansive spectrum of material both new and old. After a one year hiatus, Setaoc Mass has returned to his very own SK_11 imprint with a fresh double EP pack Neo-Noir. Drawing on influences from the past and present, the productions explore the full spectrum between functional and experimental, moving between the perpetual drive, bleep ridden opener Inferno all the way to rolling cuts of Technique and Neo-Noir. The second disc reverts back to re-fix its floor focus with atmospheric shuffles and intense minimalism which sets a crisp techno framework. Setaoc Mass is back.

A1. Inferno
A2. Technique
B1. Neo-Noir
B2. Moon Lit Eyes

+ more…
[Released: 22.09.20 on SK_11]

5. Dimi Angelis – 6th Floor Or Basement

“Last but not least: My favourite album that came out this year on KEY VINYL by Dimi Angelis. I have been following Dimi for years, from the time he was still doing his COunterpart project with Jeroen Search and I am a massive fan of his productions. The tracks are simplistic and straight forward with his classic direct approach of making music. It sounds incredibly powerful.”

When considering his status as a beloved and respected member of the contemporary Amsterdam techno scene, it is sometimes easy to forget Dimi Angelis was among the founding members of the very culture that helped shape it. Well aware of the genre’s fluid boundaries, ever changing trends and the impact of continually developing technology, Dimi is able to elegantly step outside of the predetermined fabric and in a sense mould its essential elements into something that feels familiar. His DJ sets are always remarkable and at no point predictable, whilst his productions tend to ooze throbbing and hypnotic sounds which normally come on his very own label ANGLS. With well over a decade of experience, it should come as no surprise that this is directly reflected in his productions and technical ability. Thus, for his first solo album, the Dutch artist has released an epic twelve track journey upon which the listener gets taken on a techno infused journey that will not be forgotten in a hurry. Check it.

A1. Precept
A2. Analogue Surfer
A3. Where Did The Money Go
B1. Wake Up

[Released: 15.05.20 on Key Vinyl Germany]

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