Boxia is a highly regarded and accomplished DJ paired with being an extremely versatile producer dubbed as one of the key ‘ones to watch’ after his breakthrough EP on Waveform Recordings and Food Music back in 2015. A self confessed ‘rave anorak’ Boxia has lived and breathed electronic music all his life starting with his fathers electronica collection and then being exposed to the rave culture via his sister’s involvement in a formative rave scene, simply highlighting the inevitability of Boxia’s route to becoming one of the most exciting DJ’s around. He is an artist with an outlook that has been heavily influenced by many years spent on the dancefloors across the UK and his multi-faceted approach to music allows him to channel his creativity through a number of styles, maintaining a playful, inventive and often experimental output.

Following his brace of EPs in 2015, Boxia continued his good form into the following year with fresh releases on Flashmob Ltd, Huxley’s exciting No Ideas Original label and his infamous Ethereal Education release on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode label. In fact, the London-based artist spent the first half of 2017 settling into Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave roster, summing up the deserved surge in popularity for Boxia. His first release on this label came in the form of Colour Sequence which went on to be awarded B Traits’ prestigious ‘Future Sonic Selection’ as well as receiving huge praise and support from international superstars such as Adam Beyer and Len Faki. Over the course of 2017, Boxia continued to flourish with extensive remix work and mixes for the likes of Radio One.

More recently, Boxia has released a fabulous four-track EP called 1998 that blends acid, techno, rave and ambient to deliver a totally fresh listening experience. This is amplified by Posthuman’s description of opener Ariel Acid  (Biology Mix) as ‘dungeon acid doom’. See for yourself and go and have a listen.

1. Neil Landstrumm – Doberman EP

Neil Landstrumm has released various records on a wide variety of the finest labels within the electronic dance scene over the last two decades. Since 1994, he has been one of the world’s most influential pioneering electronic maestros, kick starting his career in Edinburgh at the city’s legendary Sativa Club. Taking influence from early acid house and the UK’s bleep movement in the early 90s, Landstrumm has carefully crafted a variety of techno styles including his very own minimalistic and wonky ‘Landstrumm sound’. He has a myriad of releases on many established labels such as Tresor, Peacefrog and Planet Mu Records as well as running his own imprint called Scandinavia Records. Essentially a hardware artist since the start of his career, Landstrumm has toured internationally for the last twenty years with regular gigs all over the world. Recently, the brand Sports Banger launched a new record label called Heras and invited Landstrumm to deliver their very first release. The Doberman EP consists of three club-ready sonics suited for any dance floor and follows the Sports Banger’s NHS campaigns of raising funds during the Covid-19 pandemic. Enjoy.

A1. Doberman
A2. Disrespect
B1. Being The Mover
[Released: 03.09.20 on Heras]

2. Roza Terenzi – Modern Bliss

Since moving from Perth to Melbourne in 2016, Terenzi’s immense DJ style and consummate live sets have cemented her as a vital component of Australia’s dance music scene. Her productions are prime for interstellar communication, sublime mind dance, warehouse bleeps and dawn ready breaks that will inevitably find union between earth people and other beings. Now, the Melbourne-based producer returns to Planet Euphorique for their very first LP release. The album comes under the name of Modern Bliss and contains a playful yet cohesive collection of post-electro and extra-terrestrial techno tracks which bump us into the next decade. With subconscious salutes to the astrological world of OG maven Fiorella Terenzi, Modern Bliss invites you into an encapsulating, electronically ethereal universe. It is a record to summarize the the lyriad of diverse and evolving sides to Terenzi, as the full length allows her to capture a moment in time with possibilities to transcend dance music expectations.

A1. Jungle In The City
A2. Elevate
B1. Modern Bliss (Ft. Ivy Barkakati)
B2. Yo-Yo
+ more…
[Released: 24.04.20 on Planet Euphorique]

3. Nathan Melja – Synesthesia

Nathan Melja’s music and DJ sets can be described as colourful and trippy, a label that has taken just over six years to develop. First spotted in 2014 by is EP on New-York record label and party kings Mister Saturday Night, Melja carried on by releasing a series of intricate dance records and becoming more involved in selecting tunes. Making his way into the Paris scene with his very own label, Melja hosts a radio residency on Rinse France, as well as being a promoter for several clubs. Having already amassed a spotless discography on the likes of Mister Saturday Night, Antinote and Opal Tapes, Melja now debuts on Kalahari Oyster Cult with another terrific offering. Synesthesia is a futuristic sci-fi techno cut containing shiny synth lines and a hurried kick pattern that gets you on your toes. The record has two remixes, the first a dreamy rendition from Incienso co-founder Anthony Naples and the second being Pariah showcasing his punchy and effective version. Check it.

A1. Synesthesia
A2. Synesthesia (Anthony Naples Remix)
B1. Synesthesia (Pariah Remix)

[Released: 24.02.20 on Kalahari Oyster Cult]

4. DJ Bogdan – Love Inna Basement

An anthem of Berlin’s now defunct Basement Q Club, ‘Love Inna Basement’ was written by owner and resident selector Bogdan E, aka DJ Bogdan, in 1993 and for decades existed only on a handful of cassettes and reel-to-reels copied by Bogdan himself and distributed among the club’s other residents without ever seeing a proper release. Basement Q has a storied but poorly documented history as one of Berlin’s most intriguing clubs that operated until its closure in 2012. Finally recovered from the master tape and given the vinyl release it has long deserves, Love Inna Basement is presented here in its two original versions; Morning Dub, cited by Objekt as the inspiration behind his 2016 bnager Theme From Q and Midnite XTC, cited by Call Super as ‘the track I’ve taken the most garys to in my entire life’.

A1. Love Inna Basement (Midnite XTC)
B. Love Inna Basement (Morning Dub)

[Released: 22.07.19]

5. Autechre – PLUS

Formed in 1987 when members Rob Brown and Sean Booth both lived in Rochdale, Autechre began their career making and trading mixtapes but gradually moved towards their own compositions whilst collecting equipment. Much of their music has a strong focus on complex rhythm and driving percussion, and more recently, on meticulous sequencing. Later work has been notably experimental and abstract in contrast to the more club-friendly and conventional early 1990s releases. The pair have also recorded under various pseudonyms, as a way to try their hands at other genres and to take a break from their huge fanbase. Their most recent release album PLUS is a spine twisting record which allows space for finer graded textures from sloshing basses to rusted drums and iridescent immersed in a subtle mutation of their new sound. It contains fractured beats and synths to create an abrasive soundtrack that matches the success of previous releases such as SIGN. Lock in.

A1. DekDre Scap B
A2. 7FM ic
B1. Married
B2. Ecol4

+ more…
[Released: 28.10.20 on Warp]

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1998 EP:

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