Over the past few years, MARRØN has been making a tremendous amount of noise with his mixing and selecting skills as a DJ. Always trying to exceed the outer limits of himself and the crowd, MARRØN utilises fast, yet extremely rhythmic sounds driven by his roots and is constantly inspired by the powerful strong-willed Marrons who freed themselves from slavery to live freely in the primeval forest of Surinam. Having started his musical evolution with Afro Deep characterised by its African beats, MARRØN uses these elements to connect deeply with techno music creating sounds that are powerful but atmospheric. Inspired by the likes of Ben Klock and Rødhäd, MARRØN seeks to tell a musical story by combining all his early influences. The freedom and diversity of techno first persuaded him to dig into the underground scene, fast becoming one of the most exciting emerging techno talents to date.

Whilst regularly mixing at high profile clubs, MARRØN is also a key component of EERSTE COMMUNIE, one of the most beloved and highly anticipated techno happenings in Amsterdam right now. With door tickets only, clearly vocalized rules and a team of close-knit friends, EC is dedicated to providing intimacy and unity for each and every partygoer. MARRØN is one of the eight resident DJs who keep the rave at full throttle with up-beat techno sets that last a minimum of six hours. Having started out with several small scale editions at Garage Noord, EC has grown into a fabulous community of open-minded people who are there for the music and nothing else. 

Recently, MARRØN has released a mix for Awakenings. It is an hour of rhythmic bliss and shows exactly why he is one of the most sought after DJs within the scene right now. When events are back up and running, be sure to catch the Dutch DJ at some of the biggest events around. Watch this space and enjoy some of his breathtaking techno sets.

1. Rene Wise – Spirit Molecule

Rene Wise possesses an uncanny ability to create sounds that fuse hip-shaking grooves with a deep but modern touch. These influences can be heard throughout his productions and selections as a DJ, including his strong 2018 digital EP on Mark Broom’s Beardman imprint and his very first official 12 inch release on the highly regarded Mote-Evolver label run by techno pioneer, Luke Slater. The record Loud Colours received a high level of support from the likes of Freddy K, Blawan and DVS1, and contains four DJ tools that will perk up any dance floor with their pounding drum programming and insisten, slightly disorientating synth grooves.

A2. Broken Motor
B1. Loud Colours
B2. Spirit Molecule

[Released: 26.10.18 on Mote Evolver]

2. Optics [Hitam] – Human Touch

At the age of sixteen, Hitam became interested in producing electronic music and was influenced by various subgenres which led him to develop an interest in both dance floor orientated and experimental electronic music. After a while, he got in touch with the most admired techno labels such as Tresor, Ostgut Ton and MDR, and the rest they say is history. As Optics, he spent a lot of time designing kicks and bass to give his tracks a certain rolling identity. Part of this process is recording and editing samples to create complicated and intelligent sound texture which are part of his musical process. As Hitam, he continues his techno journey and is a regular at Eerste Communie, one of the most beloved and highly anticipated techno happenings in Amsterdam right now.

A1. Mike Parker – Necklace Dancer
A2. TWR72 – EXP19
B1. Juan Sanchez – Warthog
B2. Inter Gritty – 112

+ more …
[Released: 19.02.18 on Format Records]

3. Developer – In Pure Form 14

Developer is one of a few active DJ/producers that emerged from the Los Angeles techno scene in the early 90’s. Developer gained much of his acclaim and extensive performance history from his strong marathon sets and quick programming skills as well as the ability of playing 50 tracks per hour on three separate turntables. The Modularz label owner released a three part LP called In Pure Form, showcasing a wealth of work that he has been crafting over the course of a year. The album contains a large catalogue of music focussing on raw rhythms, strong tools and powerful funk fueled techno. It is not your average concept album with ambient and break beat type pieces, but instead a more straight to the point no filler type of LP.

A1. IPF 13
A2. IPF 14
B1. IPF 15
B2. IPF 16

[Released: 04.07.18 on Modularz]

4. Dax J & Chris Stamford – Programm (Shifted Remix)

There are few artists carving out a legacy for themselves like Dax J is right now. The London-born, Berlin-based DJ and producer has gone from pirate radio to magazine covers; from the backroom parties to headlining raves at every major techno institution around the world and all whilst staying true to the underground and his individual style of raw and uncompromising techno. Joining Dax J on this Programm EP is British producer Chris Stanford, who launched EarToGround Records with Dax J in order to create a platform for releasing their own music and showcasing the best talents they could find. Released on EarToGround, the three-track killer EP Programm contains an original track from the duo and two excellent remixes from the UK heavyweights, Shifted and Truss. The Shifted remix is particularly tasty.

A1. Programm
A2. Programm (Shifted Remix)
B1.Programm (Truss Remix)

[Released: 11.01.16 on EarToGround]

5. DVS1 – Black Russian

DVS1’s status as one of the world’s most revered DJs and prominent voices in the preservation of true club culture is built upon an all encompassing love of music, deep respect for his craft, and experiences in the 90’s midwest rave scene. Whether its label management, DJing or producing, DVS1 is an artist who stays true to his past without ever losing sight of the future. For his third EP for Ben Klock’s Klockworks label, DVS1 offers an excellent take on the label’s deep, pulsating mood. Released in 2014, the record is one of DVS1’s most famous and includes the housier gem of Black Russian, a track packed with warming piano chords, hissing hats and woozy kicks.

A1. Black Russian
A2. Creeping
B1. Spying

[Released: 21.07.14 on Klockworks]

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