P. E. A. R. L.

Born and raised in Santander, P.E.A.R.L first witnessed electronic music from UK 90s sounds which played a fundamental role in his productions. As a teenager, the Spaniard immersed himself within club culture and was immediately drawn to the harsh beats of British techno and Warp’s IDM sounds. A move to Barcelona brought new opportunities to experiment with music and released his debut EP on Christian Wunsch’s Tsunami label, followed by a plethora of quality releases under various aliases like RHEA for Semantica Records, or Basqiam on American label Detroit Underground.

Now located in Berlin, P.E.A.R.L has founded his very own imprint called Falling Ethics Records, used for his own projects and more recently inviting other creators such as Dimi Angelis and The Transhumans onboard. Since moving, the artist has worked alongside notable labels such as Warm Up, 47 Records, PoleGroup and MORD, as well as collaborating with Marcel Heese as PMH.

Recently, he unleashed a string of hard-hitting singles following various albums such as Power Of Lust and Temptation Through Impatience. One of his latest EPs We Will Not All Fall was released on Moral Standards and contained remixing work from club legends Matrixxman and Blue Hour. It is a must listen.

As a performer and live act artist, P.E.A.R.L is also an excellent selector in the DJ booth, combining the pulses of aggressive beats with mental, ambient and experimental flavours.

1. Nene H – Scene Analysis

Nene H is one of the most exciting underground artists in Europe, boasting a highly refined taste in techno and possessing a style best described as groovy and highly energetic. A highly skilled DJ with her analog gear and bold live sets, she has the courage to experiment and take risks which surprise her audience. Having only started out a few years ago, Nene H has already brought her music to some of the best club spaces in the world such as Berghain, where she debuted at Klubnacht just last year. In 2019, she releases her first EP “Feast” on Intrepid Skin, closely followed by her latest release Scene Analysis. Exploring the new rave sound, the record contains a plethora of high quality techno, including remixes from Sunsil Shape and P.E.A.R.L. Not one to be missed.

A1. Real Can Relate
A2. Real Can Relate (Sunil Sharpe Remix)
B1. Sad Raver
B2. Sad Raver (P.E.A.R.L. Remix)

[Released: 18.12.20 on Falling Ethics]

2. Simo Cell & Abdullah Miniawy – Kill Me or Negotiate

Simo Cell and Abdullah Miniawy began collaborating in the winter of 2018, jamming and experimenting together at Simo’s studio in Pantin, Paris. Merging Simo’s hypermodern, hip-hop and bass-infused production skills with Abdullah’s soulful trumpet and vocals, their joint debut effort Kill Me Or Negotiate lays the foundation to a body of work that transcends epochs, latitudes and other zeitgeistian concerns to weave a narrative arc both timeless and inwardly impactful throughout. With Simo Cell gracing high-flying labels such as Livity Sound, BFDM and Timedance, and Abullah joining forces with contemporary jazz whizz Erik Truffaz and Carl Cari, these two are a force to be reckoned with.

A1. Sama
B2. Pending in the Pattern
A1. Music Gene
A2. Locked in Syndrome

+ more…
[Released: 16.10.18 on BFDM]

3. E-Saggila – Anima Bulldozer

Breakthrough artist E-Saggila is an enigmatic cult producer of electronics, constructing soaring calm from dynamic turbulence as the era of domesticated destruction and creation arrives. The young artist has quickly established herself as an unapologetic presence in superseding divisionism in underground music. With prior releases on Northern Electronics and BANK Records, her music coexists on the dancefloor, the stereo and the bedroom speakers for all to enjoy. For her latest release Anima Bulldozer, the emerging talent showcases a lattice of runaway storms, careering off the edge from its own furious torque.

A1. Spectator
A2. Genisis Factory
B1. Anima Bulldozer
B2. Relik

[Released: 18.09.20 on Northern Electrics]

4. Kwartz – Path of Authority

Kwartz is the stage name of Mario Campos, born in Madrid and now based in Berlin. In late 2011, Kwartz’s productions began to garner a huge amount of interest having released a string of quality EP’s on various international labels. A couple of years on, Kwartz joined PoleGroup, becoming part of the booking roster led by Oscar Mulero as well as producing tracks for imprints such as 47, Mord Records, Semantica and Warm Up Recordings. Having released his very own label Order&Devotion, Kwartz continues to take the scene by storm and has recently released an unfathomable EP Path of Authority. Delivering four original cuts of harsh techno, this is not one to miss. Check it out.

A1. Pattern Execution
A2. Path of authority
B1. Balane of power
B2. Frontline

[Released: 02.10.20 on PoleGroup]

5. Sigha – Move to Speed

Sigha is a British-born producer who successfully straddles the boundaries of post-dubstep and techno. Originally involved in shoegaze-inspired indie bands, Sigha was introduced to the world of electronic music via London warehouse parties which paved the way for his popular atmospheric take on techno. Since, Sigha has signed a number of releases on established labels such as Hotflush, Token, Blueprint and his very own vinyl-only imprint Our Circula Sound. After relaunching in 2019, Our Circular Sound has successfully established itself as one of the foremost labels for detailed and considered electronic music with releases from Faugust, AVL and Portrait. However, after seven long years, Sigha returns to unleash his latest release Move to Speed.

A1. Contract
A2. Plastic
B1. Alpha
B2. Contact

[Released: 27.11.20 on Our Circular Sound]

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