Artur Moreira, aka Nørbak, was born in the late nineties in North Portugal. His devotion towards music production began early in his life, and since has spent countless hours in his studio, spending day after day discovering and developing his unique sound which orientates around ambient, experimental and mainly techno.

It all started in 2016 with labels such as Circular Limited and Illegal Alien, where he made his first steps and since has released music on respected labels such as PoleGroup, Warm Up Recordings, Semantica, Modular and Float Records. The Portuguese maestro has continually developed his sound over the years, with a current focus on the mental and physical side of techno. 

In 2019, he joined the acclaimed Portuguese independent collective and label, Hayes. Alongside his colleagues, the team are seeking to push the boundaries of the new wave of contemporary techno. Boasting appearances at some of the most  respected clubs in the world such as Tresor, Lux Fragil, Gare Porto and Family Club, Nørbak is also consistently supported by some of the most renowned artists within the scene such as Oscar Mulero, Jonas Kopp, Svreca, Dasha Rush and many more. With a bright future ahead of him, expect big things from this artist.

Check out his brand new album Flesh to Ashes on Warm Up – The album gravitates between beatless cuts, broken beats, profound exercises and virtual dancefloor weapons. 

1. Reeko – XXX1

“The dense atmosphere on this track amazes me every time I hear it, not the easiest thing to absorb and understand, it’s music that requires something from the listener”

A1. XXX1
A2. XXX2
B1. XX3
+ more…

[Released: 13.01.20 on 30D Records]

2. Divide – Sfera Celest

“The small details on Divide’s music is something that fascinated me since the first day I’ve listened to music. The kicks, the synths, the sense of rhythm and the small glitchy details, they all combine into something truly special. Probably my favourite producer at the moment and a big inspiration for me.”

A1. Parsec
A2. Punto
B1.Sfera Celeste
B2. Punto y
[Released: 22.11.21 on Warm Up]

3. Planetary Assault Systems – Rip The Cut

“Music with simple but artistically outstanding elements, that’s all what PAS is about. A couple of distorted toms, a tight kick, a great mix down and bang, you have a massive track. One of the first tracks I heard when I got into techno and surely one of my favourites.”

A1. Railer (Further Exploration)
A2. Beauty In The Fear
B1. Human Like Us
B2. Bell Blocker
+ more…
[Released: 24.10.11 on Ostgut Ton]

4. X/319 – Lyze

“Fast, muscular and mental. Three words that describe this track perfectly. I discovered X/319 through my friend Farceb two years ago and since then I’ve been totally in love with his work. Someone to keep an eye on for sure”.

A1. Lyze
A2. Inside (Blue Form)
B1. Effekt 21 (Dense Form)
B2. Grava
[Released: 12.11.20 on T Variant]

5. D-Leria – Driving To Nowhere

“The title track from one of my favourite techno albums ever, an album I have listened to countless times”.

A1. Libero
A2. Ectoplasm
B1. Her Smile
B2. Her Smile
[Released: 02.02.19 on Delirio]

Recent Movements

Qui Remix:

T Kode Remix:

Thanks to Norbak.

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