Alan Oldham (DJ T-1000)

Born and raised in Detroit and now based in Berlin, Alan Oldham aka DJ T-1000 has been labeled as ‘Detroit Techno’s Renaissance Man’, not only as the owner of legendary Detroit labels such as Generator and Pure Sonik, but also as a veteran international DJ. Also boasting unique illustrator skills, the Detroit-born polymath is widely regarded for his iconic artwork for Djax-Up-Beats, +8 Records, Transmat Astralwerks, along with many others.

Having found himself under the tutelage of Underground Resistance’s Mad Mike Banks during the 90’s, Oldham was eventually tapped to replace departing friend Jeff Mills as DJ on UR’s world tour, and thus his DJ T-1000 alias was born. For a year, Oldham toured with Banks in the UR techno boot camp, and still to this day keeps to his old Underground Resistance vinyl roots. Anyone knows that if DJ T-1000 is on the line up, they are in for a treat.

In 2014, Oldham established himself in the music capital of Berlin. As a veteran headliner of festivals such as Love Parade, Awakenings, E-Troit and N.A.M.E. Festival, he has also found himself regularly playing events across the world in some of the most recognised venues. With an extensive catalogue list under his belt, Oldham continues to release incredible sounds and has recently provided a track for Ellen Allien’s BPitch ‘Frequency Kill’ record. Prior to that, he released an excellent five-track EP ‘Body Signal’, which features a stunning cover by the man himself.

1. Thomas Bangalter – Trax On Da Rocks [Roule]

Thomas Bangalter is a highly regarded French musician, best known as one half of the French house music duo Daft Punk. As well as releasing music as a member of the trio Stardust, the duo Together and as a solo artist, Bangalter is widely recognised and has had an influence upon a wide range of genres. As Daft Punk, he has created some of the most infectious and uncompromising music of a generation, notable for their use of high quality visuals. Trax On Da Rocks was Thomas’ first solo release, produced at Daft House in Paris on the Roulé label and is widely accepted as one of the first examples of French House.

A1. On Da Rocks
A2. Roule Boule
A3. What To Do
B1. Outrun
B2. Ventura
[Released: 1995 on Roule]

2. Surgeon – Body Request [Dynamic Tension]

Anthony Child, aka Surgeon, exploded onto the scene in 1995 with the now classic Surgeon EP and since has become one of the leading figures of the UK techno movement. His debut EP is regarded by the wider community as seminal, as it launched him straight into the spotlight where he has remained to this very day. In fact, to gauge how big the Birmingham techno maestro is, FACT magazine dubbed him as ‘arguably the finest techno DJ in the World’ just over ten years ago and to this day the tag arguably remains. From the year 2000, Body Request contains seven of Surgeon’s uncompromising techno cuts, wrapped and delivered on his infamous Dynamic Tension imprint.

A1. Hunger
A2. Setting The Scene
B1. Fight Or Flight
B2. Discipline
C1. Instinct
C2. Stringent
D1. Sleep (Ultra Violet)
[Released: 1999 on Dynamic Tension]

3. X313 – Interferon Remixes [Generator]

On Alan Oldham’s very own Generator Records, Interferon was an iconic proto-rave monster tracks which has been remixed by several influential figures from the mid-1990’s scene. Kicking off proceedings is Dave Clarke, one of the most established DJ’s within the scene – presenting a ferocious edition full of thundering kick drums. Warrior Mad Mike brings a Death Star Mix to the table, whilst on the flip side Woody McBride offers a funky but stifled bass line throughout, before the original sees it out in style.

A1. Interferon (Dave Clarke’s DeConstructed Remake)
A2. Interferon (Mad Mike’s Death Star Mix)
B1. Interferon (Woody McBride’s 313acidesp Mix)
B2. Interferon (Alan Oldham’s Interferon Original)
[Released: 1995 on Generator]

4. Underground Resistance – The Final Frontier [UR]

Known for being one of the most important and influential techno music groups to date, UR was established in the late 1980’s by Mike Banks, Jeff Mills and Robert Hood. Originating in Detroit, UR has taken techno and given it a political stance. Using drum machines as their main weapons of choice, they have produced so much uncompromisig music which has facilitated political change. It is argued that UR has had the biggest role to play in the techno we listen to today, and without them it is difficult to imagine where life would be without it. Released in 1991, The Final Frontier offers a trip through space and time via raw and intense 303 electro techno.

A1. The Final Frontier
B1. Entering Quadrant Five
B2. Base Camp Alpha 808
[Released: 1991 on Underground Resistance]

5. Joey Beltram – Arena [STX]

Over the last twenty years, Joey Beltram has been considered as one of the key pioneers for the house and techno movement. Having recorded on some of the finest labels around such as Nu-Groove, Tresor, Warp and Transmat, much of his music is widely acknowledged as groundbreaking. From simply looking at some of the artists he has worked with, it is clear that he one of the biggest influences within the scene. Of course, his early music was sublime, but even over the past few years the American has demonstrated that he can still produce ridiculous music and has recently released records on Harthouse, BUSH, MB Electornic and Drumcod. Dropped back in 1999, Arena offers a timeless groove which would set any floor rolling.

A1. Arena
[Released: 1999 on STX]

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