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Straight out of Hamburg’s underground scene, DJ Mell G has been busy over the past couple of years showcasing her impeccable selections that span across a multitude of genres including breakbeat, jungle, bass and electro. Over the past year, the Hamburg-based German artist has managed to share her unique sound online, using the recent pandemic as an opportunity to make a household name for herself. She has self-released a plethora of unique tracks including “Question My Love”, “i fcck as i live” and “break y0 neck”, leading to her magnificent debut mini-LP ”BOOTY FABULOUS”.

Having launched her very own label Juicy Gang in tandem with a quick fire run of singles, remixes and premieres across the internet, Mell G tracks have appeared on compilations for low income $quad, London’s Childsplay, and most notable the “U Better Shake A$$” collaboration with Jensen Interceptor for International Chromies Vol.3.

As a DJ, Mell G’s silky smooth and sidewinding style has been demonstrated in sessions with Hamburg elektronisch and PAL TV via Actionreplaycodes to Berlin’s live stream HÖR and broadcasts with Rinse and Foundation FM, who push the very best underground talent.

1. Amadeezy – Eastside G-Ride

Delivered by Boston’s Bass Boss, Amadeezy brings us into 2021 with a four-track future-classic electro exhibition inspired by his love for West Coast G Funk & Robotech Electronics. A stand-out cut master all year, Deezy blends peak-time party in every compilation worth hearing, as well as his Bosstown Killaz mix tapes. Providing four explosive grooves, this EP oozes electro class from start to finish. Check it out.

A1. The G-Code
A2. Money on my Mind
B1. Xplosive
B2. This Deezay

[Released: 29.01.21 on International Chrome]

2. Ghetto Henry – Ghetto Henry Vol.1

Featuring thirteen explicitly tight head shaking tracks, Ghetto Henry Vol 1 was banged out in a trice in order to maintain the raw vibe. Volume one was picked out of a large pool of tracks, but due to the vast amount of material, Ghetto Henry claims Volume Two will be just as big and follows later on this year. With songs featured on multiple NTS shows, it is worthy to keep an eye on this one.

A1. Who Got…
A2. Gotta Chill
B1. 961 Trife Life
B2. Bumpin’
+ more…
[Released: 31.01.21 on Doom Charka]

3. LUZ1E – Ridin EP

Born and raised in Frankfurt, LUZ1E is renowned for her spirited and soulful New York House and has made a name for herself in the realms of fast paced breaks and techno. Influenced by Detroit’s electronic music culture, she values authenticity and integrity which always translates into her music and believes the acknowledgement of a tracks background is key to understanding track selection. Released on the infamous Shall Not Fade imprint, her Ridin EP belends soulful house sounds with punchy breaks to create a unique hybrid sound of futuristic dance music.

A1. Ridin
A2. Hyperfunk (Deep 8reak Cut)
B1. Damn Boi

B2. Early Reflections
[Released: 20.03.20 on Shall Not Fade]

4. Aaron Carl – Down

Aaron Carl’s unique ability to cross over between styles like deep house, techno and hard-hitting electro-funk has made him one of the most interesting Detroit Electronic Music artists to date. Impossible to pigeonhole, his discography features a variety of styles and has released on notorious imprints throughout the world, including Rebirth, Metroplex, Subject Detroit, Ovum and Universal France, and has remixed work for legendary figures such as Scan 7 and DJ Bone. His record ‘Down’ features the original track with a bunch of high-quality electro remixes for any occasion.

A1. Down (Electro Mix)
A2. Down (Techno Bass Mix)

B1. Down (Original)
B2. Down (Eastside Mix)

[Released: 1998]

5. Viers – Steel City Dance Discs Volume 18

Dubbed as one of the freshest and exciting emerging talents within the scene right now, Viers is a multitalented DJ and producer who has released a slew of no-nonsense techno and electro tracks over the past couple of years. The Leeds-based artist has dropped music on the likes of Typeless, LPH White and Figure, for his coveted release Let My Mind Breathe EP. For one of his most recent records, he rejoins the Steel City Dance Discs family for Volume 18 – showcasing a thumpingly good techno/ electro joint packed with metallic modular distorts for all.

A1. Seaside
A2. Who Do Ya Truss
B1. Rob The Store
B2. Beat Control

+ more…
[Released: 24.07.20 on SCDD]

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