Drawing influence from a range of genres including dubstep, grime and the harsher sounds lent to strains of metal and hardcore, Cressida orignated out of the London underground scene and developed his own indiviudal style of producing music. After choosing Berlin as his new home and creative workplace, he clocked his debut releases on VOITAX, with his first solo EP “Hymn To Lust” in Spring 2017.

Since his first release, Cressida has catalogued a plethora of exceptional records on various imprints such as Dax J’s renowned Monnom Black, the notorious LDNWHT and UK-based Syncretism to name a few. Now regarded as one of the most exciting British talents, Cressida continues to ascend new heights, clocking appearances at some of the biggest techno nights in the world, including Corsica Studios’ Jaded and Reaktor.

1. Yant – Contravention

Contravention is the second EP from Yant on Setaoc Mass’ SK_eleven imprint, as the Mancunian wonderkid once again demonstrates a style of techno that continues to push the boundaries. Featuring four fast paced tracks with distinct personality, this record contrasts solid drums, spiralling synths and psychoacoustic elements that makes Yant’s sound so unique, yet recognisable. Released in March, this certainly doesn’t disappoint.

1. Contravention
2. Electronic Space Storm
3. Solidarity Is On The Line
4. Kaleidoscopic Vision

[Released: 19.03.21 on SK_eleven]

2. Rhyw – Slithering

Returning to Avian, Alex Tsiridis aka Rhyw, follows up his 2018 “Cave Walls (Part Two)” with another five-track missive channeling the latest in Tsiridis’ more gestural, groove focussed work. The overall production is rich and tightly bound, as each track showcases arcane, percussive components that now characterise the producers output. From setting the tone with a meditative piece, to the more 4/4 influenced soundtracks on the record, “Slithering” has proven to be one of Rhyw’s finest pieces.

1. Season Of Teeth
2. Salt Split Tongue
3. Skend
4. Spoiler
5. Succession

[Released: 13.03.21 on Avian]

3. Hypho – EC2A-015

Navigating his way through the sonic landscape somewhere in between dubstep and broken UK techno, Hypho is a producer who continues to broaden his horizons. Having set up his very own Manuka Records alongside Amadeo Sanchez in 2018, the label seeks to showcase the bassier side of club music. In terms of his own productions, Hypho recently joined forces with ec2a, an emerging London-based UKG record label that merges underground dance music culture and fashion. Diving into the darker, more 2steppy sound reminiscent of the early dubstep sound, Hypho delivers an intricate two-sided record full of pleasant surprises.

1. Get Together
2. Swung For Strats

[Released: 07.11.20 on ec2a]

4. Masha Motive – The Imponderable Bloom

As VOITAX enters its eighth year as a label, co-founder Christoph Siegert, aka Masha Motive, steps up to the plate with his first solo material, “The Imponderable Bloom”. Having played a highly influential role in whittling down the label’s established signature sound, the German producer chose to take his time to hone in on his craft, before developing any production of his own. The result, a studiously crafted expedition filled with dominant breaks, dense bass and swelling ambience.

1. Sweet Dripping Resin
2. Artificial Fruit
3. Cedar
4. The Imponderable Bloom Pt. 1
5. The Imponderable Bloom Pt. 2

[Released: 08.03.21 on Voitax]

5. Deft & Lewis James – Teleporter

A new joint EP from Deft & Lewis James, “Teleporter” combines the minds of two artists who are well versed in creating a balanced combination of atmospheric soundscapes, heavy sound design and emotively driven electronic music. With varying tempos and paces, the EP dips into new territories that both have adapted and developed to make their own. Taking influence from their already familiar backgrounds in Bass, Footwork, DnB and Hip Hop, the result is four ominously threatening, sub heavy dance floor cuts, uncompromising in mood, tone and aggression.

1. Teleporter
2. Peepo
3. Octo
4. Wolf 503 b

[Released: 19.02.18 on MATERIA]

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