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Dubbed as one of the most forward-thinking techno producers and DJs in the world right now, Nene H has taken the scene by storm thanks to her infinite creativity, refined taste and unique approach to commanding international clubbing spaces. Hailing from Istanbul and now Berlin-based, she is notorious for groovy and energetic styles, stemming from her passion for the old school rave.

Renowned for her highly effective analog setup and bold live sets, Nene H constantly experiments and takes risks in order to deliver some of the most devastating techno sets at some of the worlds best clubs. Having debuted at Klubnacht, Berghain a couple of years ago, Nene also boasts performances at the likes of Possession in Paris, as well as obtaining a long-standing residency at Copenhagen’s most hyped club night “Endurance”.

In 2019, Nene dropped her acclaimed “Feast” EP on the esteemed Intrepid Skin imprint, a blistering four-track EP followed by appearances on two Mord Record compilation series, “Rotterdam” and “Heldersmat”. Since, she has unleashed three more records, “Standard Deviation” in 2020 alongside Poly Chain, last year’s “Scene Analysis” EP featuring techno connoisseur’s Sunil Sharpe and P.E.A.R.L. and her most recent “Beast” record on Possession’s in-house label. Constantly evolving, Nene H is set to make further inroads as one of techno’s very best.

I have too many favourite records and I just simply can’t narrow all of them into five favourites. I cant even pick five from one genre, if I was trying to narrow it down to only one genre or a stilistic of techno. It’s simply not possible for me. But I wanted to share with you the records that made me so excited to play vinyl at the first place.

These are one of the first records that I bought which I am still in love with. Most of the first bought records were fails but these I still love. My interest of playing vinyl came mostly from these kind of old goods. I don’t really want to play new music on vinyls, it is more interesting for me to get the spirit of older records on their original feeling. sound wise and as an experience to play them, it became something that I learned to appreciate and it became so important for me. These five here are some really nasty dirty old school beats. Nothing special. It’s just music. Enjoy.

DJ Ze Mig L – Lusophonikz EP

DJ Ze Mig L is a renowned Portuguese techno producer whose underground activities have taken him across the globe. Playing a combination of hard, minimal, tribal and wonky techno with a groove, he always build intensity and energy throughout his sets with no pause and drops the most intense tracks around. Something along the lines of “The Tribe Goes Wild” taken from this “Lusophonikz” EP.

1. Rockin’ It
2. The Tribe Goes Wild
3. Mind Yer Manners
4. Phatboy

DJ Amok – Collateral Damage EP

As a DJ, Amok constantly pushes his audience to the limits which ties in with his first release on Giga-music and since has opened the doors for hard techno. After he made his mark in 2003, Amok was part of a new wave of hardcore techno producers which has proved pivotal in the developing techno scene, leading to the founding of his two labels Artillery and Crowbar Recordings. However it was Thrill Productions that this hard-hitting EP was delivered.

1. Weapons Of Mass Destruction Part 2
2. Pimp
3. A Very Useful Tool
4. Rauschzustand

Virtualian – The Age Of Progress

Having started producing music in 1984, Virtualian first surrounded himself in electro having played in a band based in the South of France. Since making the move towards “dusty and rusty” analog machines, the French producer has delivered some formidable techno / electro records including this EP dropped on Thrust containing an absolute gem in “Progress”.

1. Electronica
2. Progress
3. PCM
4. Pulse

Drifter – Evacuation Or Acknowledgement

This “Evacuation Or Acknowledgement” EP contains an original track and two remixes taking the listener upon an old-school techno trip immersed in booky vocals exclaiming ‘Evacuation Or Acknowledge’. Released via DJ Misjah’s Rotterdam-based X-Trax imprint in 1985, the three tracks build an immense amount of tension and pressure throughout. Perfect for all club-spaces.

1. Evacuation Or Acknowledgement (Original)
2. Evacuation Or Acknowledgement (Backdraft Remix)
3. Evacuation Or Acknowledgement (Drifter Vs Vintage Remix)

Octodred – Psychic Monk EP

Released back in 1996 on Acid Fever Records, Octodred fully immerses the listener in straight up acidic techno. As heard on Drum Trip, proceedings are kicked off with a steady 4×4 build until hit with the initial acid wobbles and then following a string of highly effective sampling and kick drums for any peaktime dance floor.

1. X-Trancer
2. Drum Trip
3. Spin Dryer

Recent Movements

Tresor 30 Live From The Vault:

Beast EP [Possession]:

Thanks to Nene H.

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