SHDW & Obscure Shape

Hailing from Stuttgart, Germany Marco Bläsi and Luigi Urban make up the widely regarded DJ and production team SHDW & Obscure Shape who consistently deliver energetic techno sets across the globe. Collecting and sourcing music since their teens, the pair have evolved their taste and now both possess an undeniable skill when it comes to blending genres such as Detroit techno, rave, EBM and acid. Their music is created from eager music enthusiasts minds and showcases a no-nonsense vibe inspired from old 1990’s and 2000’s records, leading to their dramatic and melodic-infused techno belters. When they are playing, the pair create a completely unique sound and continue to push the boundaries of techno, taking themselves and the crowd to a different level. In 2016, Groove Magazine heralded them as “Newcomer of the Year” and since the duo have catalogued serious productions and remixes, including duties for Rekids’ boss Radio Slave and Daniel Avery to name a couple.

In 2015, Marco and Luigi founded their very own label and event From Another Mind, deciding they had a different idea of how they wanted to programme a music platform. So far the imprint houses nine SHDW & Obscure Shape records to date, including standout releases from the FAM catalogue “Die WeiBe Rose” which was extremely well received. Also, two extensive remix packages based on previous FAM releases have been released and include reworks from heavyweights Rødhåd, Tale Of Us, Dax J and James Ruskin.

Most recently, From Another Mind celebrated its fifth anniversary with “Versionen 008”, a record comprising of nine remixes featuring adaptations from a wealth of modern techno talent, rising stars and scene veterans alike with Hadone, MRD, Exium, Introversion and Ø[Phase] all making contributions. Check it out here.

Marco Carola & Adam Beyer – Fusionframe

It’s a match! When two of our biggest idols meet and join forces, something great can only come out of it. The Fusionframe EP on Zenit (1999) is for us the definition of Swedish & Napolian techno from the late nineties. A sound that plays a significant role for us and our music. Marco and Adam defined techno history in their time with their numerous releases and their labels. Even more than twenty years later the music still sounds fresh and brings an incredible energy to dance floors.

Invexis – Kalibreur

“When we are asked which techno producers influence our productions the most, Invexis is at the top of the list. His tracks sound futuristic and absolutely technoid. Simple but effective. Energetic and catchy. We can hardly compare his sound with anyone else’s, because his music stands out so much and is produced so incredibly intelligently. All the more we are happy that Georg has plugged in his machines again after a 15-year break and that we are working on a new project together. Although all his records are masterpieces, his Kalibreur EP is the 12” we play most often.

Karl O’Connor & Peter Sutton – Againstnature

“One of the best techno albums of all time, by one of the best techno producers of all time, released on one of the best techno labels of all time. Karl O’Connor (Regis) & Peter Sutton (Female) on Tresor Berlin. That says more than a thousand words. Breathtaking ambient cuts, hypnotic drum tools and hard-hitting peak time Techno pounders. An album that no record collection should miss. “Guitless” is probably one of the most intense brain fuckers ever. We very much hope that we will still have the opportunity to go into the studio with Regis in this lifetime.

WJ Henze – Direct Voice Input

Wolf Joerg Henze. The “Shed” of the late nineties and early twenties. He is not only a German techno legend, but also a true techno pioneer. We probably don’t have more records from any other producer than from him. Highly effective, driving and hypnotic dance floor destroyers are his trademark sound, but he has also produced an incredible number of melodic hits, like his track ‘Remain’. Groove in perfection in combination with a catchy melody. That’s all we need. Our greatest respect for his work as a DJ, producer and label owner!”

Patrik Skoog – Decay Session

“One of the kings of tribal techno! His tracks roll like a train from beginning to end, completed with a stroke of genius. There is hardly a set of ours in which we don’t play a track by him. Patrik’s music influences our productions a lot, from the idea to the arrangement to the sound itself. Making a track with only a few elements not sound boring and monotonous is not easy, but he has managed to take us on the journey again and again, like with his “Decay Session EP”. But each of his records is more or less an instant buy.

Recent Movements

Marco Bailey – Scorpia (Obscure Shape & SHDW Remix):

Artaphine Series 050:

Thanks to SHDW & Obscure Shape.

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