Manchester-native, DJ and producer Cleric has been active within the techno scene for well over a decade and is renowned for his crisp and atmospheric works by which the Mancunian describes as a way to translate emotion to others. With an already prolific creative output, Cleric has extensive amount of releases on esteemed imprints such as Arts, Soma and Figure, as well as is very own record label called Clergy. Known for its heavy hitting and clean techno records, Clergy has been making a strong name for itself with output from acclaimed artists such as Reflec, Dax J, Kmyle, as well as more recent drops from Stef Mendesidis, Kontain and Measure Divide. Be sure to check out and keep up to date with the latest Clergy records here.

Glenn Wilson – H2 [HEROESHEROES02D]

I was playing this EP probably too much before lockdown hit. I owe a lot to Glenn, as it was from his early tracks that sent me down the rabbit hole of digging through other labels and artists affiliated to him. This EP is the perfect balance of heavy grit, but still keeping that eras groove.

Henrik B ‎– Recollections EP [DrumcodeDC22]

“This EP was hammered in the early 2000s. You hear it in so many different mixes that were recorded. It’s the perfect high tempo groove tool EP, that can suit and time of the night. A1 for me.

Vil & Cravo – Klockworks32 [Klockworks – KW32] 

I’m not sure you could make a more Ben Klock track than “fuck this dub”, its perfectly suited to this label. A Summer classic. The b2 “Links” is also one to check. There is an an old Advent feel to it. Solid Ep from both Vil and Cravo, who has a solid solo EP coming out on SK11 soon also.”

C&G Southsystem (Marco Carola & Gaetano Parisio) – Dual EP [Conform RecordsCNFR03]

I have loved Gaetano ever since the first time I heard The three mounts EP. The B1 was something I would always try to get round to playing in a set. He’s recently uploaded the back catalog over on his bandcamp. Crazy to think this EP is from 1998.”

Anmon – Anmon EP [YukuYUKU012]

“A little bit faster than what id usually play, but this is an absolute joy of a production. The full EP is so well done, but emotion into the Piano tracks stabs is something else.

Recent Movements

Cleric | HATE Podcast 238

An absolute shameless plug here, but this mix let me have a focus during some of the hard patches in lockdown. I found myself listening to more and more of the early 2000 era of techno during lockdown. There seems to be something really special about this period, i’m not sure if its the purity or something else. Stepping back and having a bit of a break has let me find a clearer direction I want to head in.

Thanks to Cleric.

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