Batumi-born, Tbilisi-based DJ and producer Irakli Danelia, aka Yanamaste, has been making a name for himself over the last few years, becoming one of the hottest names in the techno scene. Renowned as a hard-worker and talented musician, the young Ukrainian first discovered techno music during his teenage years and shortly after began selecting and producing by the age of eighteen. At one point, Yanamaste was studying fashion in Kiev before dropping out to pursue his passion for music, and the rest they say, is history.

Widely recognised for producing music on modular synthesizers, Yanamaste recently stated in an interview that, “it’s more unique and you have more area. You can touch the instrument and feel every wave. I create everything from scratch and every sound is mine and it’s unique, because it never sounds the same and no one can repeat it.” It is clear that the modular plays a fundamental role in his productions, evident in previous releases with esteemed record labels such as Portuguese imprint HAYES, INNSIGNN and Berlin’s Lyree. In the past, his records have been widely acclaimed but more recently the young artist has been honing his music to create a fresh new sound which can be found within his latest offerings on Planet MHz III and Solidarität aus Berlin Vol. 1. Check him out.

Blawan – Careless [Ternesc]

Blawan – one of the most inspiring artists for me. It’s another level of sound design and arrangement. Definitely sound of the future.

CRAVO – Innervision [SK_eleven]

“Favourite techno tune of this year. Sounds very minimalistic and futuristic.

Neon Chambers – Apollo [Dekmantel]

“Another example of sick sound design.”

Mun Sing – Fourteen Sundays [SVBKVLT]

This guys is part of the duo Giant Swan. Sequence and structure of this track is just amazing.”

AYYA – Second Mistake [PAN]

“Definitely my favourite closing track. This loop is mesmerising.

Recent Movements

Hapësira Podcast XXXIV:

Rote Sonne Podcast 58:

Thanks to Yanamaste.

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