JP Enfant

JP Enfant has a clear-cut musical philosophy: “Sultry, dreamy, warm, stimulating, sexy. That is what I want to bring across in my sets. I don’t want them just to dance, I want them to completely lose their minds.” Renowned for being one of the most exciting and influential figures in techno right now, widely regarded for his idiosyncratic style – steaming and slightly melancholic techno designed for the dance floor alongside the odd excursion to forward-thinking ambient and bass.

It was in Amsterdam when JP became acquainted with likeminded people and established a collective Les Enfant Terribles, part record label, part promoter, which would cement his place within the Dutch dance scene. After hosting several successful LET events in Amsterdam, it was Club Trouw that opened its doors to the organisation with JP becoming a resident at the legendary club at the young age of 21. The club acted as a safe haven in several ways allowing JP to experiment. Following the closure of Trouw, JP earned a first hour residency at the clubs successor, De School, acting as a freedom to discover new musical grounds.

As a producer JP debuted on the connoisseur techno-label A.r.t.less, setting the tone for his distinguished and sophisticated sound he got known for today. This resulted in several releases on LET, Anagram, DGTL and returning to his starting-point A.r.t.less.

Kessler – Old Wives Tale

The sound of this track is something that really speaks to me at this moment. Melancholic Jungle rhythms scattered between the concrete of the post-war buidlings of Rotterdam. When the vocal comes in it creates this dreamy melancholic bliss which is pure magic. I’ve been listening to this track and the rest of the EP at least a couple of times a week and it seems to me like a sublime synthesis of the classic and modern UK sound.

Stef Mendesidis – Chroma

“This is a recently released track from a great producer that is originally from Moscow. Every time I hear this track I can’t stop wiggling haha. It spawns funk all over the dancefloor whenever this is played, as is with all his other tracks. Hard hitting, uplifting and mesmeric.

Oliver Ho – Atom Life

“I discovered Oliver Ho through Jeff Mills’s Exhibitionist Mix back in 2004, which inspired me to start playing Techno. I’ve been collecting Oliver Ho records ever since. The record where this track is on, the “As Above, So Is Below” EP,  is the latest addition in the collection. With this track, Ho shows a more darker side but still has that tribal feel to it for what Oliver Ho is known for. The trippy synths and the pitchy chord make you go down a wormhole. It takes you on a trip to undiscovered worlds and is still highly danceable. You also hear this in this track, he is slowly moving into the territory of his “Raudive” moniker, a more minimal sounding project of his.”

Voiski & Hadone – Don’t Forget The Night

Pure Peaktime Pleasure here made by two France-based hotshots of modern day Techno. I follow Voiski for Years and he is always delivering. Hadone I came across only in the last 2 years. The two together resulted in this gem where you hear a lot of Voiskis influence in the synthsounds and Hadones more fast paced style. Interesting collaboration with a gem as a result.

Konduku – Sinopia

“The talented Dutch Producer living in Berlin. Konduku delivered a very interesting sounding EP on Donato Dozzy’s imprint Spatio Disponible. He creates a suspenseful track with Sinopia consisting of sparse breaky rhythms combined with cavernous echoing synths. It makes you wanna keep on listening in order to discover what’s next. It reminds me somewhat of the music on Monolakes “Cinemascope” album, but it has it’s own unique touch to it.

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