Alarico – I’m Into You [Mutual Rytm]

To announce their brand new label ‘Mutual Rytm’, German hotshots SHDW & Obscure Shape invite seven renowned artists to deliver a techno feast V/A compilation entitled Federation Of Rytm I. Building upon their long-standing and distinguished reputation, the duo turn their attention to a second imprint showcasing a new dimension of techno and electronic music — celebrating originality and innovation by combining timeless cuts from the past with cutting edge sounds of the present and future.

Speaking on the new platform, the pair state: “Since the beginning of the global pandemic, we have been diving deep into the roots of our music and working on the aesthetics of our sound. That’s when we realized that now is the right time to start a new project which differs from FAM, in both musical and artistic direction.

The project will showcase a new dimension that aims to channel the authentic perspectives of both established and up-and-coming talents. With our new label, we want to give all artists the opportunity of musical freedom and expression of their versatility as producers. It is an honour to accompany the young artists on their careers, to see them grow and to help them in their development as musicians.”

Their new offering Federation Of Rytm I showcases a plethora of high-octane tracks from a slew of esteemed artists, both emerging and established. In the midst of it is fast-emerging, Milan-based honcho Alarico — an artist renowned for his raw and forward-leaning sounds of 90’s techno — whom delivers a formidable techno groove to keep the momentum at the highest level. Sandwiched nicely in between Portuguese duo VIL & Cravo and mainstay Lars Huismann, “I’m Into You” makes a serious statement whilst simultaneously setting the tone for what’s to come with SHDW & Obscure Shape’s new venture. Watch this space.

Listen to the premiere of “I’m Into You” below.

‘Federation Of Rytm I’ is set to drop February 11th on Mutual Rytm.

1. SHDW & Obscure Shape – Conquest Of Paradise

2. Invexis – Elektronenwind
3. VIL & Cravo – Apolonia Loop
4. Alarico – I’m Into You
5. Lars Huismann – Hyper Dub
6. Nicolas Volger – Sauva Bite
7. Grindvik – Your Dry Lips
8. Stigmata – Gestas

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